What Fruits To Avoid If You Have Diabetes?

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10 Nutrition Tips For Managing Cancer And Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, and of the more than 13 million Americans who have or have had cancer, eight to 18 percent also have diabetes. It’s an eye-opening statistic and a reminder about why it’s important to be proactive about our overall health and well-being during and after cancer treatment. “Because of the huge link between insulin resistance and cancer, it is critically important for people who have diabetes to manage their blood glucose during cancer treatment,” adds Brooke McIntyre, a clinical oncology dietitian and diabetes program coordinator at CTCA in Tulsa. McIntyre recommends the following tips to help manage cancer and diabetes: Never eat a “naked” carbohydrate. Funny statement, but people remember it! Rather than eating only an apple, eat a handful of nuts or one to two tablespoons of nut butter too. This helps decrease the rise in blood sugar and makes you feel more satisfied. Eat fewer carbohydrates. Decreasing carbohydrate intake not only lowers blood sugar, but can also help lower blood pressure. Eat more veggies, fruits and whole grains. Eating cancer-fighting foods high in fiber can help regulate blood sugar. Foods to add to y Continue reading >>

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  1. Danielle • Thu

    Metformin doesn't seem to be working. What next?

    Hi ladies,
    I've been on 1500mg (x3 tablets) metformin for a while, tried temping too but not sure if I'm actually ovulating as it never seems to show on OPKs; despite getting temp peaks and regular periods.
    I'm seeing a lot about people being prescribed Clomid but my Dr said we have to have been trying for 2 years!!! Is that correct?
    What are your experiences and what have you been prescribed please?
    I'm desperate for other options to suggest to Dr Unhelpful.
    Thanks xx

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