What Fruits Diabetics Should Avoid?

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Top 20 Fruits For Diabetics

Some serious health conditions need extra precaution when it comes to our eating habits. One such disease, diabetes, restricts us from eating certain types of food. From watching our sugar intake to controlling the consumption of refined carbohydrates, precautions could help in reducing the risk factor of diabetes, which could even lead to some types of cancer. Quite many people believe that diabetics cannot eat certain fruits. According to the guidelines by nutritionists and medical institutions, it is important for everyone to have at least 4 to 5 fruits servings in a day. Considering the fact that a person who is suffering from diabetes, should have controlled sugar level, there is no need for them to avoid fruits to keep their blood sugar level controlled. They just need to be extra careful when eating certain kind of fruits such as bananas, litchis, custard apples and mud apples. Eat them but in limited quantity. Here we have listed top 20 fruits that can be eaten by diabetics... Pears Rich in vitamins and fibre, this delicious food is one of the healthier snacking options for diabetics. Papaya Another 'super-food' for diabetics is papaya. Papaya contains essentials minerals a Continue reading >>

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