What Foods Affect Blood Sugar The Most?

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What Affects Blood Sugar Levels

Food, exercise and medication all affect blood sugar levels Getting blood glucose levels right can prove to be difficult at times. Just when you think you've factored everything in, a high or low blood glucose level can arrive out of nowhere and really throw your confidence. These things happen to everyone with diabetes. Factoring in food, activity and medication Youll no doubt be aware that food, activity and the medication you take play a significant role in your blood sugar levels but there can be a number of other variables at work at the same time. Get an idea of the things that can lead to surprising sugar levels using the list below. Exercise or just increasing exertion can lead to altering blood glucose levels: Physical activity can affect insulin sensitivity for up to 48 hours - which can lead to lower blood sugars over this time Sugar levels can initially rise following a short burst of activity. If you usually are active most days, not doing activity could lead to higher blood sugars than usual If you exercise a muscle near where you last injected, it could cause your insulin to be absorbed more quickly Food, alcohol, tiredness and stress can all impact blood glucose le Continue reading >>

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  1. sellersmichael

    Novolog vs Humalog

    Hi ya, I just joined this forum and have recently had Novolog added to my T2 regimen (plus Levemir, oral meds, and maybe 1,000 pills for cholesteral/high blood pressure). We just changed to Healthnet and they won't cover Novolog...only Humalog. Any differences worth worrying about?
    I find it unconscionable that Healthnet thinks it should determine which Rx its subscribers should take... they know better than the doctor?? I'm so irritated by them that I am fully willing to begin lawsuit against them.

  2. furball64801

    Sorry for the problems I found both insulins as close as can be been on both. If you think thats bad our insurance no longer covers lab tests its all out of pocket and many more restrictions.

  3. T1 Kris

    Novolog and Humalog are very similar insulins. Humalog is produced by Eli Lilly and was released in the U.S. in 1996, while Novolog is made by Novo Nordisk and was released in 2001.They are both rapid acting insulins. Humalog and Novolog are used to cover meals and snacks. They both begin working in about 10-15 minutes, peaks at one to one and a half hours and are gone in about three and a half to four hours. They both can be taken when you start your meal or just finish it.
    Some differences between the two are reports have surfaced that Novolog appears to be both stronger and quicker than Humalog thus requiring slight changes in insulin doses. Also, Novolog starts working a bit faster than Humalog. The chemical make up is also a bit different, but like mentioned earlier both work similar. But starting out fresh to insulin, I do not think these differences will be much of a problem. If you are concerned, phone your doctor and ask he/she what they think on the Humalog if it will be suitable for you.
    I personally dont think its suable grounds. Insurance companies set what they will and will not cover. They also substitute items out. Mostly this is because of cost. If you really need Novolog, your doctor can put in for an "prior authorization" stating why you have to have that particular insulin, and they will consider it for coverage. If its a good enough reason they will cover the Novolog. You can always pay out of pocket too, but trust me its over $100 for a bottle of rapid insulin, so that will be a bit pricey.

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​​​​diabetes Nutrition: How Food Affects Your Blood Glucose

Ms Kala Adaikan, Senior Principal Dietitian, from the Department of Dietetics at Singapore General Hospital, a member of ​the SingHealth group, explains how different foods affect​ blood glucose levels.​ What to eat when you have diabetes? Nutrition is an integral part of diabetes care. Rather than a restrictive diet, a diet suitable for diabetes is simply a healthy eating plan that is individualised according to your requirements and lifestyle. People with diabetes do not need to go on a special diet. You may have to modify your diet, rather than overhaul it. If you have diabetes, your doctor would likely recommend that you see a Dietitian to guide you on dietary changes that can help you control your blood glucose levels and manage your weight. “It is important that you understand how different foods affect​ your blood glucose levels, especially carbohydrates, since it is the nutrient that has the greatest effect on your blood glucose levels,” says Ms Kala Adaikan, Senior Principal Dietitian, at the Department of Dietetics, Singapore Gene​ral Hospital​ (SGH), a member of the SingHealth group. 3 steps to effective diabetes nutrition Understand the role of the vario Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. NatJS

    Does Metformin cause kidney damage?

    A friend has told me that taking metformin in the long term (>15 years) can cause permanent kidney damage. I've been googling but found not much information except that people with pre-existing kidney problems can't have metformin. But nothing obvious has come up. Has anyone read anything about this? Given I'm relatively young to have been diagnosed (31) I'm pretty worried about what the future has in store!

  2. Freema

    don´t know, but it sure seems to affect my kidneys , when I take metformin late in the day I have to go to the toilet many times every night and that must be because it affect my kidney that in some way try to get rid of the medication I think

  3. Freema

    maybe he has heard that it can be dangerous when one has already gotten kidney damage , and that is true , it can then accumulate in the body

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Six Common Foods That Raise Your Blood Sugar Levels

Sweet foods raise my blood sugar, right? No, not always… Just because the food is not sweet does not mean that it does not contain sugar. So how do I know if food will cause my blood sugar to rise? The key is to know what foods contain the bad carbohydrates and sugar that cause your blood sugar to spike. And it is also very important to remember that what you drink can also cause this to happen. Let’s have a look at 6 of the most common foods that cause your blood sugar to go up: White Rice, Pasta, and Bread Food that is made from white flour is seen as starch that is very easy for the body to digest. The problem with this is that the sugar from the food gets absorbed into your bloodstream quickly and then causes your blood sugar to increase. Rather opt for brown or whole wheat options. For a FREE Diabetes eBook click HERE… Fast Food These foods are usually deep-fried, high in fat, as well as high in carbs and calories. The can easily cause your blood sugar to shoot up. Most people go for fast food because it is convenient, but there are healthy options that can be just as convenient and a lot better for your health. Potatoes Even though they might be classified as a vegetabl Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Asus

    Cost of Diabetes Medication

    Ok here is the deal!
    I'm going broke
    It costs me 109.00 for one pen of Victoza Liraglutide. Not to mention strips and needles.
    I was on the net and discovered something cheaper. I don't think it was a generic drug as Liraglutide has only been out since 2010.
    I forgot to book mark the page but they said there was an alternative drug available that is cheaper.
    I can starve to death or I can die from Diabetes but I cannot pay for food and Drugs.
    Any Ideas what I can tell my Doctor would be appreciated.
    I am not 65 yet and am unable to work as I am a full time caregiver.
    So going to work is not an option.
    I feel like hell right now
    I also understand that the economy has left the banks without money so robbery is out also

  2. apoe2003

    Look up victoza they have a card that could cut the costs

  3. CalgaryDiabetic

    Can you take metformin some places give it away if not the generic is cheap?

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