What Does Diabetes Look Like On Feet

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What Does A Foot Ulcer Look Like? An Indianapolis Podiatrist Answers

As a Indianapolis podiatrist that specializes in diabetic foot care and wound care, I often get asked by patients as well as by family & friends, what does a foot ulcer look like? And why do people with diabetes develop foot ulcers? A foot ulcer is an open sore. These can be superficial such as a blister that has opened with underlying pink raw tissue exposed or an ulcer can be deep and extend down to the bone. Some ulcers are infected and drain heavily while some have very little or no drainage. An ulcer may or may not be painful. People develop foot ulcers for many different reasons and you don’t need to have diabetes to develop a foot ulcer. Pressure, trauma, and poor circulation can all lead to foot ulcers. A diabetic with a red open sore on the bottom of their foot generally surrounded by a callus has a diabetic foot ulcer. A diabetic foot ulcer, also called a neuropathic ulcer, occur most often on the bottom of the foot over a bony prominence. Ulcers can also develop on the sides of the foot or tops of the toes from friction and pressure of shoes or from poor circulation. For example, a person with diabetes develops a callus on the bottom of their foot. A callus is a build- Continue reading >>

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