What Does A Blood Glucose Meter Measure?

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Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices

What does this test do? This is a test system for use at home to measure the amount of sugar (glucose) in your blood. What is glucose? Glucose is a sugar that your body uses as a source of energy. Unless you have diabetes, your body regulates the amount of glucose in your blood. People with diabetes may need special diets and medications to control blood glucose. What type of test is this? This is a quantitative test, which means that you will find out the amount of glucose present in your blood sample. Why should you take this test? You should take this test if you have diabetes and you need to monitor your blood sugar (glucose) levels. You and your doctor can use the results to: determine your daily adjustments in treatment know if you have dangerously high or low levels of glucose understand how your diet and exercise change your glucose levels The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (1993) showed that good glucose control using home monitors led to fewer disease complications. How often should you test your glucose? Follow your doctor's recommendations about how often you test your glucose. You may need to test yourself several times each day to determine adjustments in yo Continue reading >>

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  1. bakerman

    Metformin diarrhea

    In another thread I discussed chronic diarrhea since starting metformin (1500mg/day) five years ago.
    I discussed this with my PCP and he has changed my med to Glipizide 2.5mg/day
    So, my question is: IF the metformin is the problem, how long will it take to flush from my body and stop causing diarrhea ?

  2. furball64801

    Each is different could be weeks or who knows sure hope it works for you,

  3. Nicoletti

    I switched from regular metformin to the extended-release metformin and the diarrhea stopped right away.

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