What Does A Blood Glucose Meter Do?

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How Do Blood Glucose Meters Work?

How does my blood glucose meter measure how much sugar is in my blood? Blood glucose test strips contain a capillary that sucks the blood up into the test strip. The glucose in the blood reacts with chemicals on the strip. The meter runs an electrical current through the test strip. The total charge passing through is proportional to the amount of glucose in the blood. Why batteries and control solution are important When you understand the process you can see why batteries and control solution are important. Batteries generate the current. Control solution assists you in making sure that the chemicals on the test strips haven’t been damaged by heat, water, cold or anything else. Important things to remember Most blood glucose meters were originally designed to be used with blood taken from a finger prick. Some, including all of the meters we carry, have been approved for alternate site testing. Read your personal meter’s directions to make sure you are following them, especially with regard to where you’re getting the blood you’re using to perform a test. What exactly are you measuring? It’s important to remember that when you test your blood sugar using any glucometer t Continue reading >>

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  1. mandif3

    Hello. I am a new poster here. My son was Dx'd with Diabetes on 2/9/10. He is 9 years old. After the first week he was really sad and a little irritated with his diagnosis. Then he seemed to bounce back. This last week he has been really moody. I caught him swearing at his Wii in his room? I talked to him about it and gave him a consequence. Today he comes home from school and his teacher called and informs us that he has been using profanity at school. She over heard him in the bathroom swearing with another student and other classmates have told on him for swearing. He has received IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION! HELP!!! I do not want to sound like a parent who's child does no wrong, but this is completely out of character for my son! Even the teacher said of all kids he was the last one to ever suspect such behavior from. He gets straight A's and honestly doesn't do stuff like this. They said at the hospital to look out for mood changes. I'm not trying to make up excuses for him. His bg has been in his targeted range for almost a week now so that is good. When he came home today he was 220, but he was upset and knew he was in trouble. I'm really embarrassed by his behavior! Has anyone else seen rebellion in their child after diagnosis like this? Is this common? Then to top it off while we were reprimanding him all I could think about was his BG and upsetting him. I did tell the teacher that his mood has really changed this past week but she immediately cut me off and said she was not going to take that route with us as she has seen several other children with diabetes and none of them have ever done such things. Please help!

  2. Becky Stevens mom

    First of all, welcome to CWD. Im so sorry about your sons diagnosis. Now for your sons teacher, she is a bit**!!!! Im sorry but she is an unfeeling, non comprehending, disrespectful person who needs to get an attitude adjustment and maybe a life. To say that shes seen many children with diabetes and compares your son to them, well thats just plain foolish. All children are different in how they deal with things.
    Now I think there could be personality changes as your son gets used to life with diabetes. My son was quite a bit younger at diagnosis so doesnt remember life without diabetes. Your son does remember life before shots and tests and counting carbs. Hes also old enough to wonder how this will affect the rest of his life. Does he know that people like Nick Jonas of the Jonas brothers band has type 1. Also Jay Cutler, quarterback for the Chicago bears and many many other famous athletes and performers have type 1 diabetes.
    High and low blood sugars can and does cause personality changes. My son is very easy going but when hes real low he gets very weepy and irritable when his blood sugars are high he will get angry and very impatient and pushy. I think some of its the age too at least with my son. They are on the cusp of puberty so that changes moods for boys as well

  3. Charlotte'sMom

    mandif3 said: ↑
    I did tell the teacher that his mood has really changed this past week but she immediately cut me off and said she was not going to take that route with us as she has seen several other children with diabetes and none of them have ever done such things. Please help! My daughter is also really young so I don't have any advice to give you. However, this statement really bothered me. That teacher needs to understand that your child's life has just changed dramatically. I wouldn't doubt that he's grieving in some way. So while his behavior may not be appropriate, his feelings certainly are legitimate. I would tell his teacher that she doesn't have to excuse his behavior, but to at least try to understand how his world has turned upside down in the last few weeks and maybe together you can come up with some ways for him to sort through his feelings/act out his emotions.
    My heart goes out to you all. I know how hard my daughter's diagnosis was for me. I can't imagine how that affects older children that are dxd.

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