What Diabetes Medications Are Linked To Amputations

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Type 2 Diabetes Drug Linked To Amputation Risk

A link has been found between a type 2 diabetes drug and a higher risk of amputation, research has shown. Scientists discovered a link between the usage of NICE-recommended canagliflozin to treat the condition and an increase in lower-limb amputations. As a result of the findings, GPs may now consider stopping the use of the drug in people with diabetes with foot problems, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has said. The EMA announced it will review the drug – which can be found in Invokana – after results from the CANVAS study discovered there was a greater chance of toe amputations for patients. Precautionary measure Speaking to Pulse Today, the EMA Said: “As a precautionary measure, doctors may consider stopping treatment with canagliflozin in patients who develop significant foot complications.” Despite the EMA saying the link between the two is currently unconfirmed, it has requested more information from the manufacturers to assess whether any changes need to be made with how the medicine is used. Canagliflozin is used for treating people with type 2 diabetes as part of a dual or triple therapy process, sometimes used alongside insulin. Scientists originally were loo Continue reading >>

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