What Diabetes Is Genetic

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How Can I Prevent My Hubby And My Kids From Diabetes Which Is Genetic In My Husband's Family?

Diabetes is a multi-factorial disease, which means multiple factors are responsible for development of diabetes. Some of these factors include: Strong family history of diabetes Unhealthy eating habits Lack of exercise Poor lifestyle Stress. So for preventing your hubby and kids from getting diabetes is a challenge as well as a task. However, it is possible to keep them away from developing diabetes if life style changes and dietary changes are followed well for rest of their lives. These changes include: Reduce weight (if they are overweight or obese) Eat a balanced diet (diet, which is low in sugar, low in fats but relatively high in protein) Have small and frequent meals Avoid processed and packed foods Avoid foods that have excess of sugar or fats (sweets, chocolates, ice creams, butter, cheese etc) Adequate sleep for 6-8 hours Maintain BMI under 24 Exercise for about 45 minutes to 1 hour every day (this can include walks, aerobics, power yoga, cycling and gym or muscle training). Dr. Varun Gupta The Editorial Team, 1mg Continue reading >>

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  1. Dean Shepherd

    Hi All, was recently diagnosed with Type 1 and was in hospital for a few days whilst they reduced my ketone levels. They have informed me that my eyes would go blurry which they have and have been so for 10 days (cant focus on the tele). My diabetic nurse said its normal and just have to wait for everything to settle down. I tried on a relatives glasses (I dont normally wear glasses) and it helped me focus on the TV. Should I avoid wearing them? how long do i give it to settle down before I go back to the opticians/hospital?

  2. SB2015

    Welcome Dean. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. You have come to the right place to ask loads of questions, as there are plenty of people on here who give great support and have so much experience.
    Your eyes will take time to settle as your blood sugar levels come back down. Even now if I let my levels go high I find my eyes go blurry. After my diagnosis my optician advised me to wait for at least a month before I had a check for new glasses. I was already wearing glasses so he was able to compare test to my previous ones. He was being very careful having done the previous test just before I was diagnosed, and he felt bad about not picking up the Diabetes at that time.
    I hope that things start to settle soon. There is a lot to get your head round at the beginning but it definitely gets easier.

  3. Amberzak

    I'm so sorry you got diagnosed. This forum is great for help and such.
    I had blurry eyes for about a month I think.

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