What Are The Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar And High Blood Sugar?

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Low Blood Sugar And Chronic Kidney Disease

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis from a physician. The most common cause of kidney disease is diabetes. The bodies of people with diabetes do not use the hormone insulin properly or does not make insulin at all, so insulin injections or other diabetes medications are required. Because insulin helps keep the amount of sugar in the blood at a normal level, people with diabetes are at risk for both low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and high blood sugar (hyperglycemia), especially when there are changes in diet, activity or medications. Blood sugar below 70 mg/dL is considered low. Kidney disease and the risk for low blood sugar The greatest risk of low blood sugar occurs in someone who has both chronic kidney disease (CKD) and diabetes. Whether or not someone has diabetes, a person with CKD is at risk for low blood sugar because of changes in appetite and meal routine. When kidney function declines insulin and other diabetes medications remain in the system longer because of decreased kidney clearance. For a person with diabetes, insulin and other diabetes medications that lower blood sugar Continue reading >>

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  1. KimP

    A1C Home Testing Kits

    Hi Everyone,
    I am so sorry I haven't been on forum for a while. I have been very busy with studying with couple of courses and looking after family.
    I do have a question regarding A1C Home Testing Kits, the ones that test the average hemoglobin/glucose levels over the span of 2-3 months.
    1. How much do you trust them?
    2. Where can I buy them?
    3. What are some names of reliable brands.
    Hope everyone is doing well...
    Take Care,

  2. grammaB

    We have had many discussion re these kits. Here is one of the most recent. The search function at the top of the page can be invaluable in finding answers.

  3. Maybe

    Hi Kim - I use the a1c spreadsheet from Blood Glucose level to HbA1c converter - Diabetes tool
    I believe I have updated the formula using info from diabetes101 though. If you want to use the spreadsheet I have let me know and I'll send you a link to download it. It's just a basic one page spreadsheet so you will need something like excel to use it. Pretty simple stuff though and my tracking shows within a point a couple of points of my a1c when the doc checks it.

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