What Are The Genetic And Nongenetic Causes Of Diabetes Insipidus?

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  1. katydid2

    I thought I'd start a new topic to see if anyone else out there is going through something similar. I found out I had gallstones over Christmas when I had my first attack of 'biliary cholic' and ended up in the emergency room thinking I was dying. Two and a bit weeks ago (at 28 weeks), I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
    I'm struggling a bit with both of these diagnoses (not to mention with feeling queasy a lot of the time from the gallstones). Coming one after the other like that, it all feels a bit too much at times.
    The practicalities of it haven't been easy either. I initially had a lot of trouble finding a diet that worked for both gallstones and diabetes and I found the dietitians and diabetes educators at the hospital clinic I go to weren't all that much use. I think they'd be fine if it was one or the other, but I was sent to see two different dietitians, one for each problem, and then had to try to figure out how to integrate the two myself.
    You can pretty much eat all the bread and potatoes you want when you have gallstones, but I found that meat, nuts and cheese are out, because of the fat content. They make me feel queasy and bring on the gallstone pain (though nothing like as bad as the first attack).
    So a gallstone friendly diet cuts out a lot of foods and the diabetes limits your intake of the rest. One thing the two conditions have in common is that I can eat all the low carb veges I want. It's hard to get too excited over that.
    I've mostly got the hang of it now, though it is very hard to stick to such a rigid diet. I'm managing the diabetes with diet, though I've been warned that insulin resistance can increase as pregnancy goes on, so I may end up on insulin. I've been told to have three small meals a day (including 2 serves of low GI carbs) and three small snacks (including 1 serve of low GI carb).
    The question I had for the dietitians was 'how do I get enough protein?' Apparently we need 75g a day in the third trimester and I figured out that I was having about 20g a day in my first week of diabetes and gallstone friendly eating. Their big suggestion was that I should go to the health food store and ask about rediscovered 'ancient' grains, which are low carb and high protein. They didn't sound particularly sure about it and couldn't remember what this magic grain was called, either. Asked how the grain is prepared, they said the packets would tell me. Wow. Useful, yes?
    I guess I could have gone to the health food store and followed up on this, but honestly, I couldn't face it. The health food store is rather expensive, this mush of grains sounded pretty gross, and I had no confidence that they actually knew what they were talking about.
    So, if you're going through the same thing... Unless you know what these magical grains are and think they're delicious, just try skim milk. There's 10g of protein in 1 cup and almost no fat. It's not quite a taste sensation, but if you heat it up and add a bit of instant decaf coffee, it tastes alright. The downside is, it does count as a serve of carbs, but it's the best I've been able to come up with.
    Other than that, I'm eating lots of carrot, capsicum, cucumber and lettuce. Avocado doesn't seem to cause me any gallstone problems, so I eat a bit of that too. I make a sort of no fat 'ratatouille' that's good for dinner, or a lentil and vege soup in no-fat chicken stock which is tasty too. My 'snacks' are basically a cup of milk and one of my carbs at each meal is skim milk too.
    One downside is, it was a choice between a piece of fruit or a cup of milk, and I decided that the milk was more important. I really miss fruit
    Anyone else out there want to share how they've been managing / what they've been eating? Maybe we could exchange recipes or something?

  2. katydid2

    Hi Tutu & Lulu it wasn't either of those, but thanks for the suggestions, I love chia bread and I just hadn't thought of it! I might get a loaf at the bakery this week and see if it works as well as the boring TipTop stuff the dietitian recommended.
    I'm trying to get myself on the wait list now for the gallbladder surgery so I hopefully won't have to wait too long. Do you mind if I ask - how long did it take to get back on your feet and back to normal after you had yours removed? Have you been able to eat normally since?
    Thanks Nai&Beau. Funnily enough I actually felt a bit more positive about the whole thing after writing that looong post yesterday and getting kind replies definitely helps

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