What Alcohol Can You Drink If You Have Diabetes?

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Your social life doesn't need to stop when you have type 1 diabetes You don’t need to stop drinking, but it is best to avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, as it could cause you to have a hypo. That’s because when you drink, the liver has to stop work to break down the toxins and remove it. While your liver is doing this it can’t do all the other jobs it normally would, such as releasing stored glucose if your levels start to fall. This effect can last for many hours after you have been drinking and may continue overnight and into the next day. To avoid this, it’s recommended that you don’t drink too much in one session and have some carbohydrate to eat before or while you drink. You should also test your blood glucose level before you go to bed and eat a snack if your level is normal to low. On occasion, you may find that your blood glucose level rises too high after drinks that contain carbohydrate, such as spirits mixed with regular soft drink or large amounts of beer. Where possible, choose a diet drink as a mixer. Continue reading >>

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  1. Scotdog01

    Can I drink alcohol with Diabetes Insipidus?

    I have DI and I have heard rumors that you can't drink alcohol with DI and honestly I want to be able to drink. Can anyone fill me in with some info on this?

  2. YO yodge93

    Hello Scotdog01. I think 'moderation' is the word here! I am on Insulin and Diabetic tablets - so the most I drink is 3 glasses of Red Wine at any one time. Happy New Year To You. Regards, William.

  3. SC Scotdog01

    I appreciate your response but my disease, diabetes insipidus, is completely unrelated to any kind of sugar diabetes. Mine deals with the anti-diuretic hormone in my pituitary gland and does not affect my blood sugar or insulin at all. Again, thanks for your response.
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