Type 2 Diabetes Warning Signs

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11 Signs You Might Have Diabetes | Healthcentral

You might not have any symptoms that you have type 2 diabetes when you get it. In fact, researchers think that the average person already has it for 10 years when a doctor diagnoses it. This type of diabetes comes on slowly. I didnt have any symptoms, but the fact that I was way overweight should have given me the warning so that I could start to manage the disease. Are you thirsty a lot of the time? Having diabetes means that sugar builds up in your bloodstream causing fluid to be pulled from your body. As a result you will probably be more thirsty than normal. Having to pee a lot is another of the most common warning signs that you may have type 2 diabetes. You may notice this more at night when it interrupts your sleep. This is connected of course with being more thirsty and therefore drinking more. What goes in must come out. When you get diabetes, the sugar in your blood gets too high. This can pull fluid from the lenses of your eyes making it harder for your eyes to focus. Blurred vision seems to be the third most common warning sign that you have diabetes. Diabetes affects your bodys ability to heal. This can happen because all that sugar in our bloodstream damages our bloo Continue reading >>

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  1. TreorchyGal

    It sounds a bit drastic to put you on a diabetic drug, when you are not diabetic. Are you sure it is a good idea to mess with your hormones in this way? What is supposed to be wrong with your hormones? Sorry to be negative about this and I wonder if you are on the correct dose of Thyroxine. If you have copies of latest blood tests, perhaps you could post them here for comments and advice. Do include the reference ranges as they vary between labs. If you could have the correct dose, and even maybe the addition of T3, it would probably sort out any weight issues you have.

  2. TreorchyGal

    I don't get copies of my blood results. I'm on the metformin as it is known to help with fertility issues hence the hormone side of it. I'm still having my levels checked at the moment with my thyroxine

  3. ThyroidThora

    Who told you that Metformin helps with fertility? Metformin is prescribed to pregnant mothers who are at risk of having large babies due to problems with blood sugar or are already overweight. It's to prevent the baby growing too big and there being complications during labour. Have you got Polycistic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)? Metformin can be used to stimulate the ovaries to release eggs to aid fertility if you have PCOS but if you haven't then I'd think twice about this drug.

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