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Practical Dietary Prescription For Ambulatory Diabetic Patient

1. PSEM Updates 2 August 2009 Practical Dietary Prescription for the Ambulatory Diabetic Patient Gabriel Jasul Jr. MD, FPCP, FPSEM Iris Thiele Isip Tan MD, FPCP, FPSEM 2. The Case • 45 year-old seafarer • Pre-employment clearance • FBS 189 mg/dL • 2h OGTT 255 mg/dL • Ht 5’6” Wt 165 lbs • Physically active if on sea duty • Sedentary since 3 mos ago 3. How do I effectively set nutrition goals with a person who has diabetes? Issue 1 4. Goal Setting in Diabetes Diabetes Education Management Self-management Clinical parameters: training HbA1c, lipids, BP, BMI Behavioral goals Assist in changing a person’s lifestyle Diabetes Nutrition Q & A for Health Professionals. Pastors JG (Ed.) 2003. 5. Behavioral Goal Setting • Less clinically focused but individualized • Purpose: establish realistic target behaviors → evaluate patient success in making lifestyle changes Diabetes Nutrition Q & A for Health Professionals. Pastors JG (Ed.) 2003. 6. Behavioral Goal Setting • Be s e n s i t i ve t o ne e d f o r • Goals are established by fl e x i bi li t y a n d mutual agreement s t r uc t u re - Patient will “own” the goals • G u ide , b u t and become committed e Continue reading >>

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  1. bleudskymd

    @ hunn
    No. Even if she refers you to an Endocrinologist, most probably the Endo will also say the same thing or manage you the same way - diet (hopefully it will work), & additional laboratory work-up as confirmatory tests.

  2. blueberryalmond

    Hi mga sis, hope you could help me. My GD was diagnosed at week 4 of my pregnancy. I'm on my 7th week now and on my 3rd day of insulin. 20 units Every breakfast lang ang riseta sakin. 3 heavy meals with 3 snacks in between. Ok naman on the first two days pero nanotice ko nun morning snack ko mejo nanginginig ako nun day 1 and 2. Earlier I had a hypoglycemia episode mejo scary. I was supposed to take my am snack at 10 am pero nagnap ako so i snoozed my alarm. I woke up 10:15 sweating profusely, I felt cold and was shaking. I checked my blood glucose immediately, it was 32. I panicked kasi super baba nito. I immediately drank 1 pineapple juice, ate several danish cookies and ate my am merienda of wheat bread with cheezwhiz. After 10 mins, i checked my BG again it was 58. Natakot ako kasi mababa pa din so i ate more danish cookies and ate 1 kiwi. Nakatulog ako for 1 hr and 20 mins, i checked my BG and it was 120 na. I had late lunch nalang kasi kakakain ko lang, after 1 hr my BG was 128. 1 hr after dinner BG was 89 and nagcheck din ako 1 hr after night snack it is 86. My endocrinologist didn't give her number, email lang. I sent her an email na pero wala pa reply. Mejo panic lang ulit ako now kasi mababa pa din to diba? What will I do? Ayoko matulog kasi natatakot ako mahypo ulit.

  3. hunn

    Thanks sa reply, bleudskymd for now, im watching what i eat na,no cheating..hehe..hopefully next screening will have good results na
    by the way, can u recommend foods to eat to control high blood sugar? my diet now is wheat bread, Quaker Oats (choco flavor po, is this a no-no?), 1 cup rice with fish or any lean meat (lunch only), bfast and dinner i don't eat rice..i hope I'm doing the right thing considering I don't have guidance pa from an endocrinologist/dietitian. Thank you

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