Statins And Diabetes Should We Be Worried

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Why I've Ditched Statins For Good

When I had a routine health check-up eight years ago, my cholesterol was so high that the laboratory thought there had been a mistake. I had 9.3 millimoles of cholesterol in every litre of blood — almost twice the recommended maximum. It was quite a shock. The GP instantly prescribed statins, the cholesterol-lowering drugs that are supposed to prevent heart disease and strokes. For eight years, I faithfully popped my 20mg atorvastatin pills, without side effects. Then, one day last May, I stopped. It wasn’t a snap decision; after looking more closely at the research, I’d concluded that statins were not going to save me from a heart attack and that my cholesterol levels were all but irrelevant. When I informed my GP of my decision three months later, I wasn’t entirely honest. Rather than say I was sceptical about the drugs, I told my doctor I’d quit the statins because they were causing pain in my arm. He didn’t bat an eyelid. Evidence from the drug industry published this month – evidence I suspect was heavily reliant on data from the drug industry, as Dr James Le Fanu pointed out on these pages last week – may suggest that side effects are uncommon, but previous st Continue reading >>

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  1. busy Friend

    Has metformin ER gone up in price?

    Had to switch insurance companys.....and i'm pulling out my hair with this new one...all sort of little rules....
    first, I take 2-500 mg metformin tables in the morning and eve........so I put this into the new plans calculator...well
    for a month, I get a message that require it to be "pre-approved" !!
    when I put it into the cost, I enter it in for 30 days........imagine the shock I had when it said my bill would be over $3000 !!! for
    120 pills..........I tried and tried to tell them something was wrong, nope, I don't understand, different generics cost cost more than
    others........but I can see $3,000 !!!.....now if I get 100 pills at at a time....it's only $5 !!!
    I also must get pre-approval for lantus, my test strips, and another diabetic rx. I am also limited to how many times I can fill at
    the local pharmacy.

  2. jwags

    I take 4x 500 of the Metformin ER and it costs me about $7 for a 3 month supply. If you get the brand name it is very expensive. Make sure you check you are pricing the generic Metformin ER.
    Also check you are pricing for the 500 mg tablets, not the 1000 mg tablets. Most diabetics I know take 4x500 rather than 2x1000, which tend to be a lot more expensive. I would also call your insurance company and ask them. Do you have a deductible you have to meet first?

  3. furball64801

    I can say this is a plan I would never want to be on, if you have a Walmart go there, think its like $10 bucks or something like that. Even the ER was cheap when I was on that, many are going to see the approved first for about everything.

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