Statins And Diabetes Should We Be Worried

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Are Statins Safe? Only You And Your Doctor Can Decide

The controversy raging over the safety and effectiveness of statins is creating uncertainty among people taking them or who might need to consider doing so. Are statins as controversial as stories suggest? Statins lower the amount of bad (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol in your blood, and the higher your cholesterol, the greater the riskof a heart attack. If you have a gene defect that causes a very high cholesterol level – a condition called familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) – then you are at very high risk of a heart attack. Before statins, doctors were virtually powerless to prevent such heart attacks because there were no drugs that were effective at reducing cholesterol without causing intolerable side effects. Statins changed all that. Now people with FH can take a statin and expect to live a normal lifespan. Similarly, if you have suffered a heart attack, regardless of your cholesterol level, there is abundant uncontested evidence that taking a statin will reduce your risk of a further heart attack or stroke. So where is the problem? The problem arises when we consider giving a statin to healthy people, who have no apparent cholesterol gene defect or evidence of h Continue reading >>

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  1. mamayenn

    metformin for non diabetics

    a lady i work with was put on metformin. her a1c was 5.7. she ask if she would need a meter to check her sugar and the doctor told her that she would not need to check her sugar because the metformin would not cause a non diabetic persons sugar to drop........what gives with this. explain please. looks to me like if anyone took a sugar lowering pill it would make their sugar drop just like a diabetics. im confused.

  2. She ra

    I say I don't believe that. Why wouldn't it make a person's BG drop? It stimulates the pancreas to create insulin, it also helps stop the absorbtion of some of the carbs we eat. Maybe it doesn't stimulate the pancreas as much? Not sure. I do know of 1 man at work that is NOT diabetic and takes it and he has no problems, but, he eats normally.
    If that were me, I would test my blood, but, maybe only if I felt funny.

  3. Coho

    I believe Metformin limits the liver from dumping glucose.

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