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Diabetes & Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can lead to serious low blood sugar reactions. Alcohol can also affect diabetic nerve damage, eye disease, and high blood triglycerides. You may wonder if drinking alcohol is safe for people with diabetes. If you drink alcohol, there are some things you need to know first about alcohol safety. Is it Safe to Drink Alcohol? Check with your doctor to make sure alcohol doesn’t interfere with your medications or complicate any of your medical conditions. Drinking alcohol can lead to serious low blood sugar reactions, especially if you take insulin or types of diabetes pills that stimulate the release of insulin from the pancreas. Alcohol can also affect other medical conditions you may have, like diabetic nerve damage, diabetic eye disease, and high blood triglycerides. Get guidelines for alcohol use from your medical provider. How Much Alcohol Can I Drink? If you choose to drink alcohol, drink in moderation. Limit your intake of alcohol to no more than one serving per day for women, and no more than two servings per day for men. One serving size of alcohol equals: 12 ounces of beer 5 ounces of wine 1½ ounces of distilled spirits (such as rum, whiskey, gin, etc.) Alc Continue reading >>

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  1. surfergal27

    Is it ok to drink alcohol socially(such as margaritas) once a month while taking metformin. Would one glass hurt. I have not been drinking when my girlfriends and I go out once a month because the bottle says do not drink alcohol. But I have read on some websites that it is ok to drink small amounts while taking metformin if you are not diabetic. I am not diabetic. I was just wondering. If anyone had had this question before.

  2. FertilityFriends

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  3. Sam2995

    Yes I think small amounts are OK. I have never had any ill effects after drinking on Metformin but I do find that even after one drink I feel very dehydrated. So what I tend to do is if I fancy a good drink then I don't take my pills that day. I have been on Metformin for 3.5 years now so there is no way I could have stuck to being teetotal all that time.

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