Scholarships For Diabetics

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College Scholarships For Students With Diabetes

College Grants and Scholarships for Students with Diabetes Before we list some college grants and scholarships for people with diabetes, we want to mention that there are other forms of funding for diabetics based on other criteria than diabetes. There are other criteria for diabetics that may help them find grants and scholarships for college. There does not appear to be many college grants and scholarships that are just for the single, specific eligibility requirement of having diabetes. We have seen evidence that there were a few more organizations out there devoted to providing scholarships for diabetic students, but a few of those college grants and scholarships are no longer available. We have seen some evidence that one or two organizations may create a grant or scholarship for college for diabetics in the future. We will continue to track their progress. Farther down this page, we list other resources with more general, open eligibility requirements that may help. The Diabetes Scholars Foundation Scholarship Program "is available to incoming freshmen seeking a higher education at an accredited four-year university, college, technical or trade school. This scholarship recog Continue reading >>

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    I don't know if it is sugar free and caffeine free ordered as is on the menu, but I get black iced coffee Unsweet with 2 Splenda shaken in every so often. I used to be obsessed with their passion tea lemonade but even Unsweet it has ridiculous amounts of sugar and caffeine so I haven't had one this pregnancy.

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    Black tea has caffeine, passion doesn't. Unless it's totally different now.

    I've been getting an iced tall sugar free vanilla or caramel latte with coconut milk and light ice. I think it only has like 15 grams of carbs? I can't remember but I look it up on their website for nutrition facts. You could do decaf too so no caffeine. I'm not a sugar free fan but find the coconut milk to help with that flavor and the light ice helps give more coconut milk.

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    Passion tea is caffeine and sugar free, but the lemonade does have tons of sugar. Unsweetened passion tea (not lemonade) would fit the criteria, or unsweetened green tea if you can have a little caffeine.

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