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Do You Know Your Diabetes Numbers?

When it comes to diabetes, numbers count. By monitoring certain aspects of your health, you can stay in control of your diabetes and help prevent future problems. Here’s a guide to three numbers that everyone with diabetes should know. 1. A1c is a blood test that tells you how well your blood sugar is controlled. While a blood sugar test measures a moment in time, the A1c gives a big-picture view of your blood sugar control during the last two to three months, so you know if your treatment plan is working. The details: An A1c below 7 percent is a common goal. Your doctor may set your goal above or below this. Be sure to get tested at least twice a year. 2. Blood pressure is an indication of your blood vessel health. High blood pressure makes your heart work harderaises the risk for heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease, so controlling your blood pressure is important. The details: A healthy blood pressure is 120/80 (“120 over 80”) or lower. High blood pressure is 140/90 or higher. Blood pressure between 120/80 and 140/90 is “early high blood pressure.” Get your blood pressure checked at every health care visit. 3.Cholesterol and triglyceride tests tell you if these blo Continue reading >>

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  1. hairbear68

    what is too high

    my friends husband it a type 2 he runs about 125 on his meter .his wife like too do his readings …one day she decided too take her reading it was 258 so she went too the er too have it checked .they said if its not over 600 not too even go in so what is too high and you need too see your doctor or goto the er too get med too get it down ?

  2. Karyn Seiders

    Everyone has great advice on how to deal with BS highs. My sugars hover around 200 in the mornings due to the dawn thing. I was told at the beginning to drink lots of water to flush out excess sugar, take my insulin, get some exercise. So, I do and it goes down. The holidays are about the only thing that makes it go up really high anymore.

  3. Littlesister56

    Hairbear68- Your friend should go see her GP and have a A1c test done if another BS reading is high, I hope she had clean dry hands prior to testing and test before a meal and two hrs after to get an idea if it was a fluke or not. She may have had something on her finger etc. @50+ is high if it is a legit BS reading, and needs further checking. You definitely cannot ignore it, and the ER was a bit much in my opinion but I guess she got scared.

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