Relationship Between Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes

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Link Between Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes

Abstract The relationship between obesity and diabetes is of such interdependence that the term 'diabesity' has been coined. The passage from obesity to diabetes is made by a progressive defect in insulin secretion coupled with a progressive rise in insulin resistance. Both insulin resistance and defective insulin secretion appear very prematurely in obese patients, and both worsen similarly towards diabetes. Thus, the classic 'hyperbolic relationship' between insulin resistance and insulin secretion and the 'glucose allostasis concept' remain prevailing concepts in this particular field of knowledge. An increase in overall fatness, preferentially of visceral as well as ectopic fat depots, is specifically associated with insulin resistance. The accumulation of intramyocellular lipids may be due to reduced lipid oxidation capacity. The ability to lose weight is related to the capacity to oxidize fat. Thus, a relative defect in fat oxidation capacity is responsible for energy economy and hampered weight loss. Continue reading >>

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  1. MrLowT

    Muscle twitches with hypoglycemia? or diet?

    I'm pre-diabetic and I've been coming here for about a month for help on my diet. I managed to get my glucose readings down from the 160/170 range to about 105 by following a strict diet.
    But I've developed a symptom of muscle twitching all over my body. I mean everywhere, tongue, eyebrows, neck, legs, arms, abdomen, etc. I feel tension in my muscles.
    I am taking calcium, magnesium, pedyalite (kid's electrolyte drink) and sea salt.. also taking B vitamins. but none of this seems to be helping with the twitches. This only started up since my diet has changed and glucose has gotten under control.
    But my glucose has also been dipping below 75. Could hypoglycemia cause these twitches?
    I had blood test done Friday, results come back tomorrow (for kidney panel and something else).
    Just curious if anyone here has experienced this.

  2. jojeti

    I had a lot of muscle twitches when my thyroid levels were either very hypo or very hyper. I have been both.

  3. MrLowT


    Originally Posted by jojeti
    I had a lot of muscle twitches when my thyroid levels were either very hypo or very hyper. I have been both. That's interesting. Although I haven't changed my Synthroid dose, my doctor also checked TSH and will have that result tomorrow.

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