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11 Things Not To Say To Someone With Type 1 Diabetes

1. There is no "mild form" of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is when the body doesn't produce any insulin, while type 2 diabetes is when the body doesn't make enough insulin or the insulin it does make doesn't work properly. There's a myth that type 2 is the milder form – but it's false. "It is a commonly held belief that type 2 is the mild form and less serious than type 1 diabetes. This is in fact not true, as both type 1 and 2 diabetes can lead to serious health problems such as blindness, amputation, kidney disease, heart disease, and stroke, if not managed well. "Type 1 diabetes can be sudden onset, where a person may become quite unwell very quickly, whereas type 2 diabetes can go undetected for a number of years. Both types of diabetes need to be treated as soon as possible to avoid diabetes-related complications." – Deepa Khatri, clinical adviser, Diabetes UK 2. You don't get it from "eating too much sugar". "I didn't get it from eating too much sugar. There's nothing I can't eat or drink. And type 1 and type 2 are two completely different conditions. There's two types, I'm talking about type 1, the autoimmune condition. There's nothing I did to get it, there's nothing I cou Continue reading >>

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  1. firejup

    Last Monday I went into the doctor for some pain I had in the knuckle of my left index finger. She said it could be gout so ordered me a blood test to see if my uric acid was out of control. According to Kaiser I'm obese (M, 35 years old, 5'10" at 215lbs) so they automatically run the HB A1C thing. It turns out I had trigger finger, a tendon issue completely unrelated to anything, and as a bonus my A1C tested at 9.8% At first my doctor didn't even mention the A1C. Just said it wasn't gout and I should go to the orthopedic. I mentioned that I noticed the A1C and was wondering if I should be worried. She said not to worry and had me redo the test 2 days later just in case there was an error, she was unsure because I am asymptomatic. The second test came back 10.1% using a different lab. So I have diabetes.
    As soon as I saw the result from the first test I immediately cut out all carbs from my diet and started running I run about 2 miles a day now. After my second A1C test my heart dropped and I couldn't stop crying for hours. I just don't know what to do now. Last Friday (so just under a week of finding out) I had my appointment to get a meter and start Metformin. They showed me how to use the meter and I tested 144mg/dl just over 2 hours after eating. I decided to wait and test myself a couple more times before starting medication. My post dinner (2 hours after my first bite) was 142mg/dl and my fasting reading was 140mg/dl (all without Metformin). At this point my heart sank and I died a little inside. My wife tested herself just so we could compare, both times, after dinner and fasting, she rocked a solid 89mg/dl.
    I need support. I have friends and family that have been very sympathetic and have offered to work out with me and help me with my diet, but I really want some extra support from people with diabetes. Is this a decently active reddit community? Is there another place I should be looking?
    Am I freaking out for no good reason? Does anyone have some wisdom for me as I move forward? I've got a thousand questions running through my head and I can't google them fast enough to give me some peace. Someone tell me what your situation is and that it won't be so bad for me. I'm just lost and freaking out.
    TL;DR - I just found out I have diabetes type 2. I had not idea and it hit my like a ton of bricks. I'm freaking out.

  2. bionic_human

    Lots of people do this. You can too. No need to freak out.
    That said, in addition to exercising, eliminate carbs from your diet wherever possible. Drink soda? Make sure it's diet. Politely decline when someone brings in donuts at work. Get your In-N-Out burger Protein Style (I realize Kaiser exists in other states, but I'll play the odds and assume you're one of the ~90% of Kaiser members that are in CA), etc, etc.
    This place is plenty active, and you will find answers (often multiple answers) to any question you ask.

  3. firejup

    Yup. Living in SoCal. A Protein In-N-Out burger sounds amazing. I'm really trying to stick to the greens, vegies, and lean meat right now. I'm thinking about rewarding myself with In-N-Out once I get a good A1C. As for soda, I used to drink quite a bit but I've quit cold turkey in favor of water and green tea. I had a rough day with headaches and such, but I think the worst is over for now. Thanks for the advise on the burger!

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