Red Grapes And Diabetes

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Are Red Grapes Safe For Diabetes?

Before, diabetic patients are often advised to avoid any fruit that has high content of sugar. However, most modern diabetes diet will include fruits to form a healthy and well-balanced meal plan. It is important that you maintain strict control of the level of your blood sugar and avoid consuming excessive unhealthy food that can further complicate your condition. Diabetes Diet Your diabetes diet should aim towards controlling the symptoms and preventing common complications. For most patients, this mean eating high fiber diet that has less fats, especially saturated fats. These fats can contribute to arterial plaques, which is a common complication of diabetes. Diabetic patients should limit their intake of carbohydrates, especially sweet tasting food that can cause a spike in the blood sugar level. Generally, eating up to three handfuls of fruits each day should be fine for diabetic patients. Red grapes can be included in this. Eating carbohydrate enrich foods can send your blood sugar level soaring. Fortunately, protein, fiber and fat can possibly mitigate such response. A good diabetic diet would mean controlling carbohydrate intake in every meal. Glycemic Index of Red Grapes Continue reading >>

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  1. Angela09

    Hi, I have had T2 for 10 1/2 years and am on Metformin, Pioglitazone, and Glibenclamide plus a Statin and an aspirin. I posted a few months ago that my blood sugar has come down a fair amount according to the test which they do at the doctors.
    First of all it came down by .7 (from 7.5) and at my last test it had come down another .5. The only thing I am doing differently is I am eating red grapes at lunchtime. I know some diabetics are on tighter controls and will have to ask if it is ok for them to eat grapes but if you can I can certainly say it works.
    My blood sugar had never come down before. If it comes down any further I am going to ask if I can stop taking the Pioglitazone (this is the one med which makes me have hypos, the others don't. So if I can stop taking it it will mean I can reduce my food intake. I certainly need to!). I just wanted to share this with you. It has to be red grapes as the green ones do not contain the chemical which lowers blood sugar.

  2. Sid Bonkers

    Hi Angela09 I'd always though that grapes always raised bg levels regardless of colour, but having said that i have not eaten grapes since being diagnosed, mainly because I lack self control with grapes, if I eat one i will eat the whole bunch before i know it :lol:
    I may see if I can buy a very small bunch of red grapes and give them a try.

  3. IanS

    I get through 2 bunches of grapes a week without any impact on my BG. I believe that the sugar in grapes (fructose) doesn't cause a problem anyway.

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