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Low Blood Sugar (hypoglycemia)

Low blood sugar can be defined as follows: It is the condition in which the sugar levels in the blood become too low which is usually about 2.5mmol/l or less. This condition can normally be spotted by certain symptoms that go away after one has eaten. The blood sugar level at which these symptoms are experienced differ from person to person. What causes low blood sugar levels (Hypoglycemia)? Wondering what causes low blood sugar levels? When function normally, the pancreas excretes the corrects amount of insulin needed to keep the blood sugar levels balanced. However, when a person suffers from low blood sugar, the pancreas releases too much insulin which causes the blood sugar levels to become too low. This, along with other diseases, can cause hypoglycemic episodes. What causes hypoglycemic episodes in non-diabetic people? Reactive hypoglycemia: This is the most common reason for low blood sugar levels in people who do not suffer from diabetes. This is when the pancreas releases too much insulin due to a sudden increase in glucose in the bloodstream, such as after a big meal containing lots of carbohydrates. The insulin is still present in the blood after several hours of the mea Continue reading >>

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  1. sunshinelove0000

    So for as long as I can remember I've always had symptoms of hypoglycemia. It turns out I have several complex medical conditions, in my symptoms tend to overlap with those of hypoglycemia or even pre-diabetes.
    I often get shaky, fatigued, and what I call "hangry" (hungry and angry). Sometimes just having a snack to tide me over, some electrolyte drink (not Gatorade- too much sugar), and then I feel better for an hour and then I need to eat more. One of the medical conditions I have is small fiber peripheral neuropathy.
    My neurologist suggested I get a full endocrinology work up. I saw an endocrinologist who noticed I was wasn't feeling well (I was lightheaded from one of my medical conditions), she took my blood sugar (finger prick) and it was 79. I had eaten a larabar about an hour and 20 minutes prior). She had me drink a little container of orange juice. Then I went to the lab to do bloodwork and my blood sugar was checked again. It was 112.
    Few questions:
    Is it normal that just about an hour and a half after eating my blood sugar dropped to 79?
    Then after drinking orange juice it went back up to 112?
    The fact that I have small fiber nejropathy and get low blood sugar even when I am not fasting (sometimes it's been in the 60's even though I ate an hour or two before), should that be cause for concern?
    I also have early onset of non-alcohol fatty liver disease though my labs have been in the normal range recently (yay!). Could this be affecting things??

  2. sunshinelove0000

    .... Anyone?

  3. BellaDL

    What did the neurologist and endocrinologist say about your test results? Have your doctors advised you what to do about your medical conditions? Is your hypoglycemia condition confirmed by your doctor? If not, you should ask to have a blood glucose meter to monitor your blood sugar level throughout the day & to confirm that low blood sugar is the cause of your 'hangry' condition. With doctor's prescription, you can get a free meter with many insurance or you can just buy one yourself.
    One of cheapest meter is Walmart Relion Micro (about $15) and the test strips are also the cheapest ($9 for 50 - you can get them on ebay or other places for even lower prices).
    IMO, this is a medical issue and it is best to be directly addressed by your doctors.
    This webpage may help to answer some of your questions

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