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Nclex Style Practice Questions - Medsurg Diabetes

The guidelines for Carbohydrate Counting as medical nutrition therapy for diabetes mellitus includes all of the following EXCEPT: a. Flexibility in types and amounts of foods consumed b. Unlimited intake of total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol c. Including adequate servings of fruits, vegetables and the dairy group d. Applicable to with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes mellitus b. Unlimited intake of total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol The nurse working in the physician's office is reviewing lab results on the clients seen that day. One of the clients who has classic diabetic symptoms had an eight-hour fasting plasma glucose test done. The nurse realizes that diagnostic criteria developed by the American Diabetes Association for diabetes include classic diabetic symptoms plus which of the following fasting plasma glucose levels? When taking a health history, the nurse screens for manifestations suggestive of diabetes type I. Which of the following manifestations are considered the primary manifestations of diabetes type I and would be most suggestive of diabetes type I and require follow-up investigation? a. Excessive intake of calories, rapid weight gain, and difficulty Continue reading >>

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  1. still the same

    did drinking too much beer cause my diabetes?

    Does anyone out there know if drinking too much beer in the past may have caused diabetes? I asked my Dr. once and he didn't think so unless I had pancreatitis. As far as I know I never had pancreatitis. Dr. said maybe if you had chronic pancreatitis which has no symptoms, but that is usually for alcoholics. I never considered myself an alcoholic. I definetly overdrank beer many times, (binge drinked) but only beer not wine or hard stuff. I rarely drink now but when I do it seems to lower my blood sugar considerably. Can anyone help me with these questions of alcohol and blood sugar?

  2. jim55

    I'm sure if your drinking brought with it behavier that too wasn't healthy such as eating binges following binge drinking. I think it takes a host of lifestyle issues working together that may end with type two. Either way, don't beat yourself up over it as it won't change a thing.

  3. still the same

    Your right Jim55! I did eat a lot of junk too when I was drinking, good point. Thanks

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