Obesity And Diabetes Statistics

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Epidemiology Of Obesity And Diabetes And Their Cardiovascular Complications

Abstract Obesity and diabetes mellitus have reached epidemic proportions in the past few years. During 2011 to 2012, more than one-third of the US population was obese. Although recent trend data indicate that the epidemic has leveled off, prevalence of abdominal obesity continues to rise, especially among adults. As seen for obesity, the past few decades have seen a doubling of the diabetes mellitus incidence with an increasing number of type 2 diabetes mellitus cases being diagnosed in children. Significant racial and ethnic disparities exist in the prevalence and trends of obesity and diabetes mellitus. In general, in both adults and children, non-Hispanic blacks and Mexican Americans seem to be at a high risk than their non-Hispanic white counterparts. Secular changes in agricultural policies, diet, food environment, physical activity, and sleep have all contributed to the upward trends in the diabesity epidemic. Despite marginal improvements in physical activity and the US diet, the food environment has changed drastically to an obesogenic one with increased portion sizes and limited access to healthy food choices especially for disadvantaged populations. Interventions that im Continue reading >>

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  1. kenterainbow

    I have been recently diagnosed with diabeties about a month and take 1000 mg of metfromin which makes me very sick. I vomit several times a day, have aches and headaches from taking it. Many days I can't even get out of bed. My doc gave me protonix to help with the side effects of metformin so somedays I feel a little less sick. My doc says that I should try to stick with metformin because my alternative is insulin and that could make matters worse for me and that maybe in time things will get better as my body adjusts. I would like to know has anyone else had this experience with metformin and how long did it take for you to get out of hell because this is exactly what this feels like.

  2. nefish

    Yes I took this for 5 years and everyday it would make me ill. Make sure you eat when you take it I was taking 2000mg per day plus insulin twice a day and actos also to get my diabetes under control. I had surgery 9 weeks ago today and am now offically off all diabetes medicines. I would also take over the counter pepcid or prilosec to help me with the acid reflux because the medicine would make it worse especially at night and make it hard to sleep. Even after the surgery and still on 500 mg for the past 7 weeks I didn't have to take anything for the acid reflux and it never made me sick after surgery so I think it just doesn't like our stomachs. Good Luck to you, Nancy

  3. Val B.

    No!! I am lucky, I get my meds from the VA and this is the generic Glucoght. I take 4 per day with no sid effects. I also take 80 u of insulin. This will all stop soon as I am waiting on surg. date.

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