Normal Blood Sugar Level In 1980

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Blood-sugar Test Kits And Test Strips: Best Sellers

How do blood sugar test kits and test strips work? For individuals with diabetes, monitoring one's blood sugar levels to ensure that they are in the correct range is pivotal to controlling symptoms, pain and avoiding long-term complications that may arise from poor blood sugar levels. Blood sugar test kits and test strips are invaluable in helping diabetes sufferers plan meals, activities and what times of day to take medications to maintain normal blood glucose levels. Additionally, these test kits are vital for patients to quickly respond to high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) states when they arise. The first blood glucose meters were developed in the 1980s that measured blood glucose by using an enzyme to convert the glucose in a drop of blood into a proportional amount of dye, which was then measured by a beam of light projected onto the test spot. By detecting how much of the light was absorbed in the dye, this could reveal an accurate level of blood glucose present. However, today's test strips utilize a process called electrochemistry, which still employ an enzyme in the test strip, but instead of using dye, the glucose will experience a chem Continue reading >>

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  1. sonakun

    I understand diabetics is considered when sugar passes thru urine (when FBS is more than 200) Is it so

    kc jain

  2. Sarma

    Fasting blood sugar should be less than 100and post Prandial sugar levels should be less than 140

  3. vraman7

    For your age you are keeping good control. Please check HbA1c .If it is less than 6.5 I could say you are keeping an excellent control..Please check also your Lipid Profile ( ie. Cholasteral HD: / LDL , micro albumin discharge in your urine, Serum creatine .If you are in India you can phone to your Thyrocare agency and they will call on you early morning and take blood samples etc. and get you the result in two days.

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