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Click on here:http://goo.gl/SL8ZyC Diabetes Awareness Month Symbol - Diabetes Awareness Month Logo - Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Color If you feel that you are inclined to diabetic issues, the very first thing that you need to know is to recognize what is the disease all about. Experts say that diabetic issues is a continual disease, which create amongst men and women who have the incapacity to employ the glucose in their food to be utilized as vitality. The ailment develops when the accrued glucose stays in the persons bloodstream for a lengthy time. More than a interval of time, this quantity of glucose, can provide possible harm to the persons other organs these kinds of as the eyes, kidneys, coronary heart, and even the nerves on their own. After obtaining adequate understanding about it and how the illness develops, the next stage is to know what variety of diabetic issues that are identified and acknowledged by experts and doctors. These days, there are 3 major types of diabetes which includes Type 1 diabetic issues, Type two diabetic issues, and Gestational diabetes. Realizing what they are and what sets each one aside from one particular other will assist people who are incli

Nih Unveils New Campaign In Name Of Diabetes Awareness

NIH unveils new campaign in name of diabetes awareness One in four Americans living with the disease don't know they have diabetes BETHESDA, Md. - On the cusp of National Diabetes Month, an education program out of the National Institutes for Health and Centers for Disease Control is unveiling a campaign for greater awareness: You Are the Center of Your Diabetes Care Team. "[This years theme means] that it's the patient who is the most important person and member of their diabetes care team, so the goal is to try to empower the patient to know as much as they can about diabetes, said Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Director, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. (NIDDK) An estimated one in four Americans living with the disease don't know they have diabetes, which can result in serious complications. "Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in this country, leading cause of kidney disease and kidney failure, Rodgers said. Affecting more than 30 million Americans, diabetes occurs when your blood sugar is too high, either because your body doesn't make enough or use insulin well. "The more common variety is type 2 diabetes, Rodgers said. This condition, which aff Continue reading >>

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    Lots of suggestions here, but have you checked with your doctor? That should be a starting point for you to see what type shakes you can or should not drink. Ask your doctor about making your own smoothies from fresh vegetables.
    Good luck,


    A healthy diet is extremely important for anyone, but it’s especially important for diabetics. Many foods we consume are turned into glucose (sugar), which the body uses for energy during the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. When the pancreas fails to produce the hormone insulin, blood sugar cannot get into the body’s cells.


    yet another known source of fiber is consuming chia seeds, just 2 table spoons of chia seeds already give you 20% of your daily need in fiber, it says "using of just 1 tablespoon chia seeds by type 2 diabetics prove a decrease in their blood glucose levels."
    check for yourself:

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Through the launch of a new awareness campaign You Dont Know the Half of It, JDRF Canada aims to debunk these misconceptions and reinforce the importance of raising critical research funds.

Signe & Symptoms Of Diabetes | Hhqi National Campaign

Self-Management Plays a Key Role in Controlling Diabetes by Misty Kevech, HHQI RN Project Coordinator November is American Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day is November 14, 2016.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC , 2016) reports there are over 29 million Americans living with diabetes and 86 million with prediabetes. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death which is under-reported ( CDC , 2014). Complications from diabetes adds a great burden to patients, families, and our health systems. Diabetes is the leading cause of: Socioeconomic status and other underserved population factors can greatly affect the management of diabetes and preventing complications. There can be many reasons that affect a patients ability to self-manage, including lack of fresh foods (food deserts) in both urban and rural areas, lack of or inadequate transportation assistance for medical appointments, and health literacy issues, just to name a few. Home health agencies (HHA) are a great setting to teach patient diabetes self-management to prevent incidence, exacerbations, complications, and deaths. There are plenty of evidence-based tools and resources to assist HHAs and their clini Continue reading >>

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  1. kaytiebugs

    Metformin alternatives for PCOS

    I'll start by saying- yes I realize I was ignorant and it was stupid for me to ignore my PCOS and make no effort to try and fix it sooner. I've been reading an incredibly helpful book that has helped me realize many things I can do to help my several symptoms (hair, TOM, etc). To anyone reading this- no matter what health concern you may be troubled with, ignoring it does not make it go away.
    Now that we've gotten that out of the way....
    I tried taking metformin when I was first diagnosed but it left me with diarrhea for WEEKS until finally I said forget it.
    Does anyone know of band friendly alternative treatments/medications? Even if I considered going back on metformin I'd still have trouble because the pills are so big (unless you know of a smaller metformin option, because even broken in half it'd still be pretty big). Were you prescribed anything for the nausea/diarrhea? I'm ready to fix myself.

  2. Amy D.

    My doctor prescribed Metformin for me about 7 years ago for my PCOS. After about a month I had jaundice that could have been related to the Metformin so he switched me to Avandia. I haven't taken it in a few years since I stopped all my pills a few years ago when I was extremely ill and never really restarted it. If I remember correctly, Avandia is a small pill that should be band friendly.

  3. katieem

    Actually, I think it is the medical community who has been ignorant and stupid about PCOS treatment. I have had regular check ups with a variety of doctors over the years and I had to diagnose myself and ask for blood tests to confirm my diagnosis.
    My doctors, PCP and an endocrinologist, are still not offering any treatment besides WLS.
    One doctor did give me Metformin for about 6 months but it did not decrease my insulin levels and I couldn't tolerate (intestinal symptoms) an increase in the Metformin.
    That said, I wish I did know of another treatment option. I think your best bet is to find an endocrinologist who knows about PCOS. My current one did research on it as a resident. And while she is not offering treatment options because I already planned surgery before I got to her, she has really helped me to feel better about myself because of her knowledge. For example, when I described the 25lbs weight gain after each pregnancy, she nodded knowingly, and said, "yes that is normal with PCOS". I had thought it was because I was a lazy, glutton that I gained that weight.
    Good luck finding treatment options and let us know if you find anything that works.

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Learn More, Visit Here http://NoDiabetes.cbguide.info Find How Can You Prevent Type 2 Diabetes And Prevent Or Delay Type 2 Diabetes.... https://youtu.be/ocMQmLensjI The e-book was produced getting a man named John Callahan. John had diabetes - until he treated it when using the techniques outlined inside the e-book. He preferred to speak about his treatment while using the world that assist others cure their diabetes. That treatment includes eating the most effective meals, planning the most effective foods, eating inside the right occasions of day, and remaining from certain problem meals. Although it stops missing calling itself rest from diabetes, Diabetes Reducer makes many bold promises about its usefulness. Everybody is (naturally) skeptical. Exactly how does Diabetes Reducer work? Lets keep close track of. Just How Can Diabetes Reducer Work? Diabetes Reducer states reverse your diabetes within fourteen days. Everything you could do is begin taking measures like consuming dietary shakes and remaining from certain meals. There is no dependence on blood stream bloodstream blood insulin, needles, or prescription medications. https://youtu.be/ocMQmLensjI Rather, it presents a tot

Ama And Msms Partner To Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

AMA and MSMS Partner to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Effort to reach an estimated 2.6 million Michigan residents living with prediabetes who may not know it, and create a model to reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes nationwide CHICAGO Ahead of National Diabetes Awareness Month in November, the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) today announced a joint effort aimed at reducing the incidence of type 2 diabetes in Michigan. The collaboration will serve as a blueprint for preventing future cases of the disease in other states across the country. The AMA and MSMS will work to significantly increase the number of Michigan physicians and health care providers screening and testing patients for prediabetesthe precursor to type 2 diabetes. The partnership will also encourage more referrals of high-risk patients to evidence-based, diabetes prevention programs (DPPs) recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). "The goal of this partnership is to get patients with prediabetes into proven lifestyle change programs that have been shown to cut the risk in half of progressing to type 2 diabetes," said AMA President Andrew W. Gur Continue reading >>

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  1. semidevil

    So I got my blood drawn and I had glucose level of 127. My dr told me to go back for another lab and my hemoglobin ended up at a 5.9, which he said is upper normal. He wants me to be under 6.0. I'm due to go back for another set of labs in 3 months.
    I asked him what this means and all he said was that I need to eat a bit healthier and get in regular exercise, or this can turn to diabetes, and didn't really tell me more.
    I"m 28, about 148lbs, so not overweight ( I don't think).
    So just a couple of questions.
    Is this bad? 5.9 and 127? Do I need to start eating 0 grams sugar going forward? I"m going to start cutting on the refined flour and sugar, but some of my diet still has 2 to 3 grams of natural sugar here and there (greek yogurt, natural peanut butter, raw nuts, etc etc).
    I'm just trying to gauge the severity of 5.9, and how much sugar it takes to get to 6.0.

  2. timneh5

    Your 5.9 number is called an A1C; it's a 3-month average of your blood levels. It matters when your blood was drawn to get a 127 number. Did you eat breakfast or lunch and then go to your appointment?
    Over 125 is considered diabetic. Can it be 127, because you ate poorly for three months and is temporary? I'm not sure about that. You need to get yourself a glucose (blood) monitor to know how you are doing. You have to test your blood when you wake up (before eating), before meals and two hours after eating. Take these numbers to your next appointment and show these to your doctor. Are you on any medications? Metformin?
    Also, many foods turn into sugar after you eat it, so it's not just the obvious sugar you need to be aware of. Here' a link to a site that has a lot of easy to understand information for you: Blood Sugar 101
    Good luck~

  3. semidevil

    well, I wasn't expecting a blood test, so I did have a cup of cappuccino and some pita with hummus probably 30 minutes before the appointment, so I hope that was the reason it went to 127. The Dr. knew that too.
    for the A1C, I also had a cup of oatmeal probably 3 to 4 hours before.

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