Naproxen 500 And Diabetes

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Can I Take Metformin With Naproxen?

Home Q & A Questions Can I take metformin with... I took Metformin for three years. When my A1C bottomed out at 5.1, my doctor stopped the med altogether, since then, with my own diet, I am at A1C 5.3 unmedicated. That said, In the years I took Metformin, I also took 50 mg Tramadol 4/day with 400 mg Ibuprofen, 1-2 mini-aspirin (81 mg) and the occasional Tylenol #3, 1/2 grain Codeine. I seriously doubt that some naproxen sodium with Metformin could harm you. The Met works on your blood glucose, the naproxen is an OTC pain reliever. I do not like Naproxin Sodium, it irritates my stomach. I prefer Ibuprofen, works well with my prescription Tramadol without the chance of liver damage. Luck, my friend. :-) Thank you... i still take ibuprofen... but the naproxin helps me sleep... i dont know what A1C means could u explain that to me please and is the metformin for dibetics Fantastic Job Uncltodd, and great answer, proud to see someone take their medical problems on and be able to get off of their Diabetes medication. you are the Man. Chuck1957 So many people can not control them self when it comes to diet and other things you should pat yourself on the back. chuck Well i was told that i Continue reading >>

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  1. schtewart

    What do you do if you miss your basal dose? Is it best to take it (or an adjusted amount) when you remember, or just skip it?
    I’m currently on 25U of Lantus. Recently diagnosed and still in my honeymoon, I’m not on a bolus regime yet. I’ve come close to missing a dose at night, but so far I have always remembered. Would it be ok to take it in the morning, or should I just try to keep my numbers in check for the day without it? I’m almost tempted to skip a day and see how badly my numbers react. I figured someone here has already done that “research”.
    Obviously I’ll ask my endo what he recommends for me, but if you can share your experience with missed insulin doses it would help.

  2. hannaka

    If you remember the night of just late say within 3 hrs take the full dose. If you remember the next morning take HALF your normal dose in your case I would round up to 13 units. This will prevent you from being high all day long and needing extra corrections. Then take your regular dose that night like normal. This works really well except for being high all night.

  3. RxBTFU15

    It depends on how much later it is when you remember, but that opens up the can of worms of the exact number of hours and all that.
    Since Lantus is normally dosed in the evening (like for OP) the easiest way to go is, if you remember before you go to sleep then go ahead and take the dose, assuming you don't decide to stay up until 4 am of course. If you don't realize until you wake up, then just skip it & make note of it. That way you can sync up missed doses with irregularities in your meter's history (I'm assuming you test).
    The reason why you don't want to take it the next morning is the duration of action in your body - about 22-24 hours. You'll have a doubling-up effect with that evening's dose overnight, with a much higher risk of developing hypoglycemia.

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