My Child Is Borderline Diabetic

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What Is Borderline Diabetes?

Borderline diabetes is a condition that can develop before type 2 diabetes. It is also known as prediabetes, impaired fasting glucose or glucose intolerance. A diagnosis of borderline diabetes basically means that your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but they’re not high enough to be considered diabetes. Nearly 50% of people who are diagnosed with borderline diabetes go on to develop type 2 diabetes. Like type 2 diabetes, borderline diabetes can happen without you even knowing it, because many people don’t have any symptoms at all. That’s why knowing your risks and getting tested are important. This is especially important if you have prediabetes as part of the what’s known as “metabolic syndrome.” Metabolic syndrome is the name for a group of risk factors that increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. For more information about metabolic syndrome, click here. The main risk factors for borderline diabetes are: Being overweight Excess fat around the waist 40 years or age or older A family history of borderline diabetes or diabetes A member of high-risk population (for example, Aboriginal, African, Asian, Hispanic or South Asian descent) High bl Continue reading >>

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  1. abedic

    Pre-diabetes and Pregnancy

    Hello, I am new to the site just today because I have searched so much on my own and came up with mere bits and pieces. I am pre-diabetic and just found out yesterday that I am pregnant. Any tips on how to stay within the menu the doctor gave me for the diabetes, yet making sure my baby is getting what he or she needs to grow healthy inside me??

  2. Kaiyle

    I have diabetes. Do I need to know anything special before or when I get pregnant?

  3. ccritch

    Welcome to Diabetic Connect.
    I was a diabetic when I got pregnang with my daughter Mia who is now 7 and Healthy no diabetes! I was told not to gain more than 25 lbs, and I only gained the 25, I was put on insulin to help me control and had a great team of doctors taking care of my diabetes while pregnant, My little was 7lbs 10oz and she was 21 inches long. As long as you take good care of yourself eat healthy foods and snacks and follow your doctors regimen you will fine.
    Make sure you let everyone know all your doctors, nurses, friends and family that you are pregnant and pre-diabetes. Wear a Diabetic Bracelet just for precautions. Make sure you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack in between. I loved and craved graham crackers and peanut butter.

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