Metformin Surgery Lactic Acidosis

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Evaluation Of Prescribing Practicesrisk Of Lactic Acidosis With Metformin Therapy

Customize your JAMA Network experience by selecting one or more topics from the list below. Challenges in Clinical Electrocardiography Clinical Implications of Basic Neuroscience Health Care Economics, Insurance, Payment Scientific Discovery and the Future of Medicine United States Preventive Services Task Force Calabrese AT, Coley KC, DaPos SV, Swanson D, Rao RH. Evaluation of Prescribing PracticesRisk of Lactic Acidosis With Metformin Therapy. Arch Intern Med. 2002;162(4):434437. doi:10.1001/archinte.162.4.434 Evaluation of Prescribing PracticesRisk of Lactic Acidosis With Metformin Therapy Copyright 2002 American Medical Association. All Rights Reserved. Applicable FARS/DFARS Restrictions Apply to Government Use.2002 Arch Intern Med. 2002;162(4):434-437. doi:10.1001/archinte.162.4.434 Background The risk of lactic acidosis during metformin therapy is linked to specific and well-documented conditions that constitute contraindications or precautions to use of the agent. We conducted a retrospective evaluation of metformin use to determine whether prescribing practices are in accord with published contraindications and precautions. Methods All patients admitted to the hospital dur Continue reading >>

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  1. Phoebe623

    I am going to start following the GD diet since I am high risk of GD, and I googled and found quite a few different amounts for carbs.
    How many are you allowed to have each meal, and do you subtract the fiber to solve for net carbs or just use the straight carb number?
    Thanks for your help in advance!

  2. memali26

    I was told to use straight carb counts and not to subtract the fiber, but to look for things that are high in fiber as it will help your blood sugar raise more slowly.
    Number of carbs allowed depends on your tolerance level/activity level/size/how much weight you need to or should gain. Dietitians generally have a system to figure out a meal plan for each specific patient. My guidelines are:
    Breakfast - 23 grams carbs (I usually only do 10-15 because my numbers spike early in the day, my dietitian is okay with that)
    AM/Afternoon snack - 15 grams carbs
    Lunch/Dinner - 30 grams carbs plus 8 oz milk (which is an additional 15 grams carbs)
    PM snack - 30-45 grams of carbs. That's higher than most, but we're having trouble with me spilling ketones so I eat a more carb heavy snack and compensate with insulin to control the ketones.

  3. memali26

    Also, remember that the diet won't prevent GD. Following it before you're diagnosed (not everyone who is high risk for GD ends up with it) isn't a bad idea, though, as it will mean you're already in the habit of counting your carbs and that may be helpful in getting things under control faster.

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