Metformin Makes Me Sad

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  1. julzchiki

    I've posted in a separate thread about my new diagnosis. I've noticed since I've started taking Metformin that I've been oddly moody and a bit more depressed than normal this past week. Has anyone else has this experience. I'm doing some research online right now but wondered of other people's encounters with this drug.
    The last thing I want right now is to feel emotionally worse than I already do. Perhaps after some time, my body will get used to it. Could this just be a side effect of starting the new medication?

  2. fatmad

    I haven't noticed any emotional problems per se with metformin. Most people have gastric problems for a little while, Butter Butt and I get leg pain from it after a while, but mine is manageable as long as I take a b complex supplement. The B's and maybe some vitamin D may be helpful.
    Another reason for emotional ups and downs may be the new diagnosis, ( stages of grieving) and dietary changes, so good supplements may be helpful.
    Metformin doesn't really lower blood sugar directly, so low blood glucose shouldn't be the problem unless your diet is giving you swings in blood sugar.

  3. julzchiki

    Fatmad, Thanks for your thoughts. The supplements is a great idea.

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Metformin And Sleep Disorders

Go to: Abstract Metformin is a widely used anti-diabetic drug. Deterioration of sleep is an important unwanted side effect of metformin. Here, the authors review and present the details on metformin and sleep problem. Keywords: Metformin, sleep disorders, side effect Go to: Diabetes mellitus is a common endocrine disorder. Millions of patients have to use anti-diabetic drugs. A widely used oral anti-diabetic drug is metformin (C4H11N5 · HCl). Under fasting conditions, about 50 % bioavailability of metformin has been observed.[1] After ingestion, metformin is slowly absorbed and reaches its peak level in blood in 1-3 hours, and its elimination half-life is about 1.5-6 hours.[1] The main route of metformin elimination is tubular secretion.[1] Metformin use results in decreased hepatic glucose production and decreased intestinal absorption of glucose.[1] In addition, metformin can help improve insulin sensitivity via increasing peripheral glucose uptake and utilization.[1] Similar to other drugs, adverse effects of metformin are reported. These can result in poor compliance of the diabetic patient,[1] causing an irregular intake of the drug.[1] Apart from the well known ill effects o Continue reading >>

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  1. CH christineATU

    Hi there Maso! I have a feeling the questioner IS the healthcare provider. Maybe a clinical psychologist. My youngest has her Masters in this area and is also working on her Doctorate. Never received a grade below an A. Sorry, needed to brag about my kid for a moment. Hope you don't mind.
    Have a nice holiday!
    Oh I for got! You're in Peru. Have a nice weekend anyway!

  2. AN

    First I am aslo proud of your daughter (maybe she can treat me!!! )... your are not bragging... that is just the way it is ... congrats, you also have a nice Holiday.
    A bit of input (in the best way intenteded)... I am not in Peru. Do not get we wrong I have, nor will ever be a racist at all, I am in Chile and therefore I am Chilean... down here we have always have had disputes over nothing or somthing with Peruvians... some have migrated to Chile... mafia type, and as you know they are considered to be the second largest producers and distributors of cocaine... so for some years now, we do have a corrupt legal and police system, they have managed to spread this desease among our society... so here in Chile they are not very likeable. I thought you should know... since we are friends, I am not offended in anyway whatsoever my Darling.
    All my best wishes for you and your family have a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! and FOR AL US CITIZENS!

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Got The Blues? Pcos And Depression

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Popular Questions

  1. Nicoletti

    Why do I feel so awful since I started metformin?

    For the past year, I've had extreme fatigue, no exaggeration, sleeping 12 - 13 hours and often a nap. Was just diagnosed with diabetes (type 2) on Aug 20 (BG 209). Doctor gave me Rx for metformin.
    After trying the ADA suggested diet guidelines and still having very high readings, I eliminated most carbs. Readings dramatically improved, have only been above 140 a couple of times (trial and error).
    When my BGs got better, I started waking up after about 7 hours of sleep. It was wonderful. I've also had a problem sweating a lot and night sweats. The night sweats were dramatically reduced; instead of being sopping wet, I was just a bit damp around the neckline. That was a huge improvement. I also did not break a sweat walking *down* a flight of stairs, as I used to. I was thrilled with this. And while I was not loaded with energy, I found I could sure do a lot more.
    Then one week ago Sat I took first metformin. Other than diarrhea, nothing different. Sunday night I slept about 10 hours and Monday felt totally wiped out and awful. I had that feeling of there's nothing in my gas tank, and just taking a few steps I would feel leg muscles just tire out (like when sugars were high). Rx was 500 mg 2x daily. I started with one at night, yes, sure had diarrhea, and then by Wednesday was taking 2x per day.
    I feel totally awful. I am tired. I have aches. My left hip joint throbs at night. I am sweating a lot. I sleep poorly. It's like the longest night ever. I toss and turn so much, not my usual sleep at all.
    This is all so disheartening. Just when I started to feel better, I now feel just as bad and am sweating even more. I've read some people get night sweats with metformin, but do they go away? I am post-menopausal.
    Has anyone else had such awful feelings when starting metformin? Does it go away? I really feel bad.

  2. Larry007

    I had them at first when I started taking them in Aug last year. Once I got used to the dosage everything calmed back down. I am told Metformin is the weakest D medication you can get. You may want to talk to your doctor and have yourself checked for other complications. It can't hurt to ask your doctor as many questions as you can. Your doctor won't necessarily volunteer information so you have to advocate for yourself. I did and got a blood test my doctor said was unnecessary. You have to right to be evaluated again if you don't feel well. Keep posting and let us know what 's happening.

  3. medic673b

    i take 500mg Metformin twice daily along with 11 other pills(some non prescription supplements). the only thing i can possibly attribute to the Met is looser BM's and occasionally strange colors. other than not i do not believe i have had any bad side effects

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