Medtronic 630g Review

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Medtronic Minimed 670g System Review

After months of waiting, I finally received the world’s first hybrid closed loop system, the Minimed 670G system. Medtronic’s Minimed 670G system is an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor that also has technology to put you in “auto” mode where it will automatically adjust your basal insulin every 5 minutes based on your blood sugar levels. I’ve had the system for about two weeks now so I thought I’d share my thoughts on it. I’m going to break this down into two posts because I feel the auto mode review needs it’s on page. I’ve been with Medtronic and on an insulin pump since 1997, 20 years! For most of the 20 years, the insulin pump has looked the exact same. It has “mainly” had the same features and not a lot of technology advancements. This new pump, however, is completely different than anything Medtronic has released in the last 20 years, with one caveat that they did release the Minimed 630G a few months prior. I received the Minimed 630G as part of the Minimed 670G Priority Access Group. In case you weren’t aware, Medtronic released a new pump, the 630G, last year and a few weeks (or months, not positive on the timing), the FDA approved their Continue reading >>

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  1. lukesgirls

    My new endo wants me to consider a Medtronic 630G + CGM. I'm currently on MDI. She is suggesting this one because it turns off the insulin if one goes low. Does anyone have any experience with this? I've not worn a pump before so any words of wisdom/opinions would be appreciated.

  2. T1nunya

    It's a pretty new pump! I have only seen 2 user reviews and 1 hates it and the other loves it. I do recommend an insulin pump as long as one knows how to use it. The pumper needs to be the one that manages all things that happen with it so I would not connect this 630 pump to me. I do not want my pump to make decisions regarding turning off my insulin.

  3. i don't know about this.
    I have a pump and a separate CGM.
    Is this pump/CGM covered by Medicare or a Medicare supplement?

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