List Of Fruits For Diabetics To Eat

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15 Best Fruits For Diabetics That All You Need To Know

Diabetes is basically a disorder in the metabolism of the human body which promotes unwanted excessive thrust and high amount of production of urine. In today’s world, there are numerous ways to treat diabetes which includes the injection procedure, medicine procedure, etc. At the same time, the consumption of a number of healthy in considerable amount is crucial, which, however, many people neglect. Fruits have tons of benefits regarding diseases and when it comes to diabetes, the importance of certain fruits cannot be neglected. Fruits which are meant to manage blood sugar should be in digested at the time of recovery of diabetes. We all know that going natural and eating natural and herbal stuff is always beneficial and effective for our system. Thus for your best convenience, we have arranged a list of some of the most effective fruits for diabetics that should be eaten at the time of recovering from diabetes to diabetic patients. Best Fruits For Diabetes In India: Below are the top 15 Fruits For Diabetics that are good for completely cure your diabetes problem. This fruits diet is very helpful for diabetic patients. You can buy anywhere in India these fruits for diabetic pat Continue reading >>

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  1. Patina

    > Diabetes, Vitamin D3 & Magnesium

    I started LC back in January and while for the first time ever I felt like I had a grip on keeping my BG readings pretty steady throughout the day, my morning FBG was still in the 120-130 range and then would spike to about 170 due to the DP effect. BTW, I have Type 2.
    I have been taking 1,000 mg Metformin morning and night along with 2.5 mg of Glipizide in the morning and 5 mg at night since I started LC. The only thing that changed for me was lowering my morning glipizide from 5 mg to 2.5 mg due to eating LC.
    As far as supplements, I had been taking daily:
    Fish Oil
    Flaxseed Oil
    After much reading on this forum and online, I decided to start taking Vitamin D3 and Magnesium supplements too. I had read that a deficiency in either one of these could possibly contribute to Diabetes but that's not why I started taking them. I started taking them to help with my overall wellbeing.
    I actually started taking the Calcium/Magnesium supplement a few weeks before I started taking vitamin D3 only because I read about Magnesium first and then D3.
    About 2 weeks ago I added in D3 at a rate of 5,000 IU in the morning and evening.
    For the past 3 mornings, my FBG has been between 102 to 106! I haven't changed anything else in terms of my supplements, meds or diet. That's a drop of 14 - 28 points 3 days in a row. My highest BG due to the DP effect has been 140 compared to 170!
    The only thing I can attribute the change to is the addition of D3 or a combo of taking the D3 and the magnesium.
    Has anyone else experienced a change like this after adding supplements of either D3 or Magnesium? Or some other supplement??
    My FBG numbers have NEVER been this low so while I'm thrilled to see them drop I'm not sure what exactly caused it other than the supplements.

  2. Nancy LC

    Be sure to take a good sublingual B12 daily too. Metformin can deplete B12 levels and cause really nasty side-effects. I recommend B12 methylcobalamin sublingual. Let it dissolve slowly (don't chew). I usually take mine at bed time. Any unneeded B12 is excreted so it won't hurt to take even as much as 5000mcg.
    B12 deficiency and metformin (http://www.diabetesselfmanagement.com/Blog/Amy-Campbell/metformin_and_risk_for_vitamin_b12_deficiency/)
    Grats on getting the BG lower! I'm not sure which supplement to attribute it to, but it's good!

  3. amandawald

    Hi patina,
    That is great news about your FBG!!!
    I know for sure that magnesium is involved in glucose metabolism. I have just found this in "The Magnesium Miracle" by Dr Carolyn Dean:
    1. Magnesium deficiency may be an independent predictor of diabetes.
    2. Diabetics need more magnesium and lose more than most people.
    3. Magnesium is necessary for the production, function, and transport of insulin."
    As vitamin D3 increases the uptake of magnesium, it could be involved in improving FBG numbers that way. I have just read (in a German book on Vitamin D3) that it increases insulin sensitivity, so that would be another explanation.
    At any rate, I am sure you feel very motivated to carry on taking these supplements now!
    You write above:
    About 2 weeks ago I added in D3 at a rate of 5,000 IU in the morning and evening.
    10K a day is actually quite a lot, unless you know for sure that your levels were already very low. I would get them tested in about six months and certainly ramp down the intake when you can get in the summer sun. I don't know what latitude you're at, so I can't say when you'll be getting D3 from the sun in your area.
    Usually about 5K per day is enough for most people. After reading a few articles, I now no longer take 5K daily in winter, but just every other day. I got this advice from Stephan Guyenet (Whole Health Blog) and, I think, Chris Kresser or Chris Masterjohn says the same. I know of a few people (Hyperlipid, for one, plus someone on this forum) who got their levels up too high on 10K a day. The Jaminets ("The Perfect Health Diet") also advise taking vitamin K2 (I think, must check!!!) with vitamin D3 as they argue this will stop it from becoming from toxic. As you can see, this is a complex field!!!
    You can get K2 in LC foods, so, personally, I haven't used this supplement (yet!!!), but I am going to look into it.
    In your shoes, I would stop taking the D3 in the evenings and just take the 5K in the mornings, but, that's just my opinion.
    You also wrote this:
    I have been taking 1,000 mg Metformin morning and night
    I wholeheartedly agree with Nancy on this one and can personally recommend this book:
    I successfully managed to treat my B12 deficiency with this:
    All the classic anaemia symptoms which I had are GONE!!! The only remaining symptom is occasional numb patches on my back. However, I am hoping that this will also go soon - the numb patches are no longer as big as they were and the feeling of numbness doesn't last so long any more either.
    I started taking this on October 22nd 2010 and feel like a new woman!!! I initially took 2mg per day, 1mg in the a.m. and 1mg in the early p.m. I find that it gives me an energy boost, so I never take it at night like NancyLC, but, that's just a personal experience. Everyone has to see what works best for them. However, it does say on the iherb.com website page that it is involved in the sleep-wake cycle, so I suppose it may make sense to take it at night. I now only take 1mg per day.
    As I read (in the book mentioned above) that taking B12 can initially cause your body to make a larger amount of red blood cells, for which it requires extra potassium, I also got myself some potassium. Apparently, very low potassium can be very dangerous, so I got that at huge expense from a rip-off German online supplement retailer. I have this on order from iherb.com:
    In your shoes, I would DEMAND a blood test of your B12 levels and insist on having it prescribed, if you can. If that is not possible, then both the potassium and B12 are pretty cheap and won't make such a big hole in your pocket, I hope!!!
    Using this code ~~~~~~ will at least get you a $5 discount on your first order, so that might help!!!
    If you do find out that your B12 levels are low (my level was 477 - I forget the units used - which was - ha ha ha - within the "normal range"), which means under 500-600, not whatever the "normal lab reference range" is, then you might even want to consider the 5mg tablets initially. But I really would then insist on getting my potassium levels checked by a doctor, too, (at least that is what is advised in this book). A "good" B12 level is around 1,000-1,200, so I hear.
    I'm going to have blood work done again when I reach my 6-month gluten-free mark as I am curious to see whether my iron levels have gone up!!! I shall also then report back on my B12 levels, OK?
    OK, that's more than two cents and I need to eat something!!!
    Take care,

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