Lantus Insulin Vs Victoza

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Going From Victoza To Insulin

Diabetes Forum The Global Diabetes Community Find support, ask questions and share your experiences. Join the community Ive been using victoza injection for the last few years. I have it every morning. It means I cannot go too low. My sugar levels have never been too low anyway. I am shaky at 8 (old school numbers) but to be honest am more than likely to be around 10. I am 14 before breakfast and 18 an hour later. This I know is way too high. I keep having hot flushes - some down to my age and some down to medication. I get a hot flush within 15 mins of eating. I have days where I feel lousy. Nauseous, dizzy, lethargic to the point whereby I cant function. this usually happens when Ive had a few really busy days. I struggle to cope with the heat since I have been using Victoza. Is this normal? I have been off work for the last two days due to feeling unwell generally (two very hot days over the weekend). Ive only been able to drink mineral water with elderflower cordial (this helps with the nausea). I have been experiencing palpitations for a few weeks now (but have put this down to stress of starting a new job) My diabetes nurse keeps suggesting that I go onto insulin and I keep Continue reading >>

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  1. sammyvaughn

    Lantus and Victoza

    My Dr put me on Lantus and Victoza, each one shot a day. Why do I need (2) different types of shot medicine? Is the idea only to keep Blood Sugar number below 100? Thanks

  2. jwags

    Lantus is insulin, Victoza is a type 2 medication that you inject. They do different things.

  3. furball64801

    Hey Sammy its hard to say very little info is given. They are both slow acting meds, how have your readings been and what dose of both are you on. Are you on met or could you not tolerate it, how high was your a1c or the number you were dx with.

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