Lantus At Bedtime

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Efficacy Of Conversion From Bedtime Nph Insulin To Morning Insulin Glargine In Type 2 Diabetic Patients On Basal-prandial Insulin Therapy

Abstract In normal subjects, approximately half of the daily insulin requirement constitutes basal insulin. We investigated whether increasing the dose of insulin glargine up to half of the total insulin requirement could lead to better glycemic control in type 2 diabetic patients who were treated on basal-prandial insulin therapy. A total of 62 patients with type 2 diabetes on mealtime rapid-acting insulin analogue and bedtime NPH were randomized to either continuation of bedtime NPH (n = 31) or morning glargine (n = 31) for 6 months while continuing the aspart/lispro at each meal. The two groups were matched for age, sex, diabetes duration, BMI, HbA1C, endogenous insulin secretion, and proportion of numbers using aspart/lispro and using oral hypoglycemic agents. The dose of insulin glargine was increased by 2–4 units to meet the target fasting blood glucose, whereas the dose of NPH was principally unchanged as a control group. Mean HbA1C at baseline was similar between patients with glargine and NPH (7.2% versus 6.9%). The percentage of glargine dose increased significantly (31% at baseline to 48% at 6 months) without any significant changes in total insulin dose. Mean HbA1C at Continue reading >>

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  1. stilllearning

    Lantus insulin question

    I take 10 units Lantus at bedtime. Was told it is long-acting. What do I do if sugar is 94-124 before taking it? Didn't take it when bs was at 124 and still went down to 66 during nite. Nurse told me I am better off to eat something to make sugar higher b4 taking insulin since it is going to help regulate numbers throughout next day. OK I get that. But last night bs was 94. not hungry at all so didn't take it. BS was 145 anyway when I woke up. What should I do in that case? Force myself to eat? And what would be the best thing to eat?

  2. gorian

    even an apple…sounds like your sufferin the dawn effect,,,quite common…

  3. gorian

    i would eat some slow digesting carbs and try again…like maybe asparagus…

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