Januvia Not Working

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Januvia And Janumet

Januvia (sitagliptin) is an oral Type 2 diabetes medication manufactured by Merck & Co. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the drug in 2006, and it is one of the most popular Type 2 diabetes drugs on the market. In 2007, the FDA approved a variation of Januvia called Janumet, which is a combination of sitagliptin and metformin. Janumet also comes in an extended-release formula called Janumet XR. Januvia and Janumet are known as dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP-4) inhibitors that work by helping the body produce more insulin. Both Januvia and Janumet belong to a class of drugs called dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP-4) inhibitors that work by helping the body produce more insulin. Januvia was the first DPP-4 approved by the FDA and is the top-selling brand in its class. Two million prescriptions were written for Januvia in 2011. Januvia brought in about $6 billion in 2014. Merck stands to benefit from the patent on the drug until 2022. In clinical trials, Januvia proved effective in controlling blood-sugar levels. However, some studies reported rare and serious side effects, including acute pancreatitis, severe joint pain, pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer. How Do Januvia Continue reading >>

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  1. fmitchelltx

    When I was first diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes years ago, I asked my doctor about Januvia. He was not a fan and said he did not feel that it worked. He gave me a sample bottle and I tried it. I did not see any difference at all. That doctor has since retired.
    I went to my current PCP last week. my A1C was high so my doctor added Januvia to my medicines (Lantus and Humalog). I told him at that time last week that I had tried Januvia before with no results. He wanted me to try it again. The doctors office submitted the RX to Optum RX and I received the medicine yesterday. I took one pill yesterday as directed. I went to bed last night with blood sugar sugar of 73. This morning I woke up with a blood sugar reading of 175. This has been my problem prior to taking Januvia. The other problem is that I am billed $140 for a 3 month RX of Januvia that I am now on the hook for.
    If it does not work, I am still having to pay for this prescription that does not work, I can't afford to do that.
    I have called the doctors office and am waiting om a return call.
    My question is, does Januvia work? I have only taken one pill but read on the internet that Januvia works immediately. What are your experiences with Januvia? Is there anything I can do since I do not believe it works? Is there a way to try other medicines that may work better without paying $140 to try? My doctor has never given me samples of any medicine. I do not know if he has samples.
    Any insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  2. Goodgirl08

    Fmit, it should work, the reason your blood sugar is high in the morning is because you went to sleep your number was 75. That is kinda low to go to sleep with. You should of had a 15 grams of carbs. That would keep you from having a liver dump. How many units of insulin are you taking? Personally, I don't believe in diabetes pills. If, you are using insulin I don't see why you need both. Have you gone to a CDE before you started insulin?

  3. maryd98

    Hi, fmitchelltx‍
    I haven't taken Januvia myself, but....
    After reading your post, my gut reaction was that the problem is most likely related to diet-n-exercise rather than meds. I may be wrong, of course.
    I did a quick search to see if I could find other posts from you (to get a better idea of your situation) and I found an old one, from 2015, where you write...
    "I was having to ration my insulin intake for about 6 months, as I am in the coverage gap. That issue has been resolved and I have been back on my normal insulin dosages for a little over a month. My blood sugars are in normal ranges now.that I am back on my normal dosages of insulin."
    So now I'm wondering if there's been a change in the insulin dosing that has affected your BG numbers (and maybe that needs to be tweaked), or maybe other issues/circumstances have developed that have made you (more?) insulin resistant....or (back to my gut reaction) maybe it is a question of diet-n-exercise or something else that affects BG control (like stress, lack of sleep, etc).
    I think Goodgirl is right, BTW, that going to bed when your BG was 73 is probably what led to the high morning number...and that a bedtime snack would've been a good idea (in order to avoid your liver kicking in too much glucose while you slept, thus leading to a high BG number when you woke up).
    I didn't read every one of your earlier posts, but what I did read didn't mention anything about diet and/or exercise, so I have to wonder (based on this thread and what I did read of your earlier posts)...Are you working with a CDE (both re: insulin and diet/exercise)? What kind of diet and exercise plan do you follow?

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