Is Type 2 Diabetes Only Caused By Obesity?

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Feature Article Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes In Our Youth: A Recipe For Cardiovascular Disease

Highlights • Cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading cause of death worldwide, contributing to 635,000 deaths in the United States each year. • Reducing the incidence of obesity and type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents may not only prolong life expectancy but also decrease the incidence of cardiovascular disease. • Nurse practitioners are twice as likely to monitor A1C levels, and 37% more likely to meet cholesterol level guideline established according to the consensus statement by the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association 2015. • Nurse practitioners are in a unique position to not only provide primary care to children and adolescents but also to develop unique interventions that can improve quality of life. Cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading cause of death worldwide. According to the American Heart Association, at least 68% of the population with diabetes will die from some form of heart disease. Type 2 diabetes is steadily increasing in children and adolescents, creating a detrimental impact on health. The combination of diabetes and heart disease greatly reduces quality of life and life expectancy. According t Continue reading >>

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  1. jdm1217

    Diabetes and Obesity: Cause and Effect? Which Direction? Co-effects of Common Cause?

    The topic came up in another thread as to how many diabetics are obese, whether skinny diabetics have a different disease, whether obesity causes diabetes (and thus weight loss "removes" it), if thin diabetics can never experience such remission and various other questions.
    I think we've all heard the percentage of 80% as allegedly the number of T2s who are obese at diagnosis. I've heard it for so long and from so many sources I don't even remember where it came from. So, another question came up as to whether this statistic was for the USA or the whole world.
    As I tried to search, it seems this is a rather difficult thing to search since nearly all "experts" writing about it have ALREADY ASSUMED that over-eating is causing obesity and obesity is causing diabetes. They casually make statements like "the rise in diabetes being DRIVEN by the rise in obesity". Seems a little careless for a scientist to make such a statement when they really have such knowledge. The data we DO have shows them rising together but in no way shows causality. But, since they've mostly made that baseless assumption a priori, they seem to have blinders on and don't really look critically at the ASSUMED causal relationship between obesity and diabetes.
    Obesity and T2 sharing a common cause is actually a more plausible explanation of the data in front of us, especially with the HUGE presence of diabetics who are not obese even at diagnosis (over 5 million of them out of 28 million in the US alone) as well as an even larger number of obese people (most of the one-third of the WORLD who are obese) who are not diabetic.
    I'm interested if anyone can find an answer to the original question: is this 80% number accurate and is it for the US only or the world. Discussion of any of the other point in the heading are also welcome.

  2. PeterPumper

    I've often asked, does obesity cause T2, or just reveal it?
    We know that T2 is a slow, sometimes very slow onset disease. Is it so unreasonable to wonder what exactly is going on during that time, including what is going on with appetite, metabolism, and digestion?
    I know, as a T1, when my Bg is high I have a real physical craving for food. And I know I'm diabetic, and I know my Bg is elevated, and I still cannot always resist the temptation. Perhaps much of the over-eating that leads to obesity is simply people satisfying genuine cravings as Bg's climb. They aren't trying to over-eat, but are just reacting to the messages their bidies are sending them?

  3. CalgaryDiabetic

    Type 2 is a disease (most of it but for sure not all ) of excess glucogon and excess insulin because of IR this is a God given scenario to make the person fat whereas type 1 is a disease predominant by the lack of insulin that is a make skinny scenario. Which one is better is like asking is it better to be hit by a ford or chevy truck.
    Also as someone here pointed out the logic of 80% of type 2 are obese therefore obesity causes type 2 can be rewritten with the same logic as 80% of type 1 are skinny therefore skinny causes type 1.

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