Is Tomato Juice Ok For Diabetics

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14 Benefits Of Drinking Tomato Juice

Besides being a vital ingredient in a Bloody Mary cocktail, tomato juice is a pretty impressive health drink. Tomato juice is loaded with nutrients and a serving of this tasty beverage contributes towards your daily recommended consumption of fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes are considered to be a “functional food .” A functional food is more than just a source of calories, vitamins and minerals, these foods which include oatmeal, tomatoes and orange juice fortified with calcium, have a positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition, and are able to prevent or address disease conditions. The humble tomato has come a long way in the last couple of centuries. Just 200 years ago it was considered to be poisonous. Thank goodness that we know better now! Our cuisine and our health would be a lot poorer without these delicious red (and orange, purple and yellow) globes. Tomatoes gained their “poisonous” reputation because they are members of the nightshade family. While some plants in that family are truly poisonous, others like the potato, peppers, eggplant and the tomato are clearly just fine. 1.15 Try These Refreshing Tomato Juice Recipes No, not at all. In fact many commerc Continue reading >>

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  1. Rawhide4u2

    I am NOT surprised at some of the replies left on this forum. The general public is very confused as to what is healthy and why this "disease" for the lack of a better term, is so prevalent. There is an intentional focus to keep many Americans in poor health by "toxifying" what society consumes for a financial benefit.
    Diet Soda? (toxic) Orange Juice? (nothing but sugar) V8 Juice? (too much sodium/preservatives) Crystal Lite? (toxic)
    Ladies and Gentleman allow me to shed some light on this subject. Those items should not be consumed by any person that has Diabetes and some such as Diet Soda and Crystal light, shouldn't be consumed by ANYONE.
    I beleive one person mentioned that their Dr. didn't want them consuming V8 Juice. One main reason would be due to the extremely HIGH sodium count. A rule of thumb regarding sodium, the Sodium to potassium count in any product should be 3mg potassium to 1mg of sodium. If you see no potassium listed then it shouldn't be consumed. Read labels and UNDERSTAND what they are telling you.
    For all you "Diet Soda" "Crystal Light" drinkers, ever seen this listed in the ingredient section? Aspartame, Phenylalanine or Phenylketonurics. This is extremely cancerous and highly toxic. As a matter of fact, if you're chewing gum or have some mints nearby, take a look at the ingredient label. Ever wonder why Phenylketonurics or phenylalanine is in BOLD writing? It's a warning to stay away.
    Without going too far into what America should eat, some healthy and safe drink choices for Diabetics and us healthy people, are Green and Herbal teas, WATER, REAL Cranberry Juice with NO sugar added, WATER, Apple Juice, WATER, Prune juice and WATER…if you got the point.
    I do hope this helps many of you begin to make better choices in your beverage selections, and perhaps your food also.
    Good luck and healthy living.

  2. kyladee

    I like Diet Sierra Mist soda with a slice of lemon and a slice of lime. Also sugar free iced tea is good, sweetener added. I drink alot of ice water. Sometimes I slice some lemons and limes, and put a piece or two in it just to make it have that special flavor, and it's very refreshing I think.

  3. sexyswamprat

    I like the diet sierra mist too. It's much better than the other diet sodas out there.

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