Is Ketchup Bad For A Diabetic?

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A Simple List Of Foods Prediabetics Should Avoid

If your blood glucose levels are higher than normal, your body is telling you to adjust your diet. When you’re prediabetic, you can bring those numbers down through a diet of fresh, whole foods. Steer clear of processed foods, which often contain high levels of ingredients that aren’t your friends, and rethink your protein choices. Sweetened beverages may be the biggest culprits in increasing your diabetes risk, according to multiple studies cited by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. When you’re prediabetic, avoid sugary drinks such as: For the best beverage choices, choose water or club soda flavored with slices of citrus fruit or cucumber, plain coffee, unsweetened tea and unflavored sports drinks. The American Heart Association advises against alcoholic drinks, but if you occasionally indulge, opt for a mixer like club soda or tonic. Foods with Added Sugar Manufacturers add sugar to most processed foods to improve flavor and shelf life. The Nutrition Facts label tells you the grams of sugar in a serving. If sugar tops the ingredients list – or words like “syrup” or anything ending in “-ose” – chances are the product contains too much of the added s Continue reading >>

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  1. celast

    Heinz baked beans

    Are Heinz baked beans ok or not with type 2 very confused as only diagnosed yesterday, also red wine

  2. tree-peony

    red wine good,
    baked beans bad!
    (well they are for me, anyway)

  3. Daibell

    Hi. Have a look at the label to check the overall carb level as well as sugar. Baked beans do have quite a bit of fibre and are not too bad for diabetics but keep the quantity sensible and if you have a meter check your blood sugar 2 hours after the meal. The good news is that alcohol is OK unless you are on any unusual medicines, so enjoy your wine! I think Daisy will be along shortly to give you various links to useful info on the forum.

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