Is Heel Pain A Sign Of Diabetes

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Sensitive Feet And Diabetes: Why My Feet Hurt?

What is nerve damage from diabetes? Diabetic neuropathies are nerve damage caused by diabetes. Neuropathy is one of the most common long term complications of diabetes. It can occur anywhere in the body, and in any organ. Symptoms such as numbness, tingling, and loss of protective sensation can be found in the hands, arms, fingers, feet, legs, toes, and lips. You may also have symptoms of nerve damage in the digestive system (gastroparesis), in the heart, or in sexual organs (erectile dysfunction, or vaginal dryness). In this article, we will be mainly looking at peripheral neuropathy in the feet, also commonly known as sensitive feet. What are sensitive feet? Patients complain about numbness and tingling in their feet and toes, or elsewhere, with a frequency that is more often than in similar reports of other diabetes complications they experience. It’s no wonder these patients with diabetes have complaints of neuropathy symptoms. Other than the tingling sensation or the numbness usually associated with neuropathy, those who have it complain about how much it hurts to put their socks and shoes on. The skin is sensitive to touch, to a point where one can’t even brush up against Continue reading >>

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  1. tim49120

    heel pain

    Many years ago I was told by a doctor I had bone spurs on my heel. He said the only thing that could be done is surgery to remove them. I put up with the discomfort and it went away. This was before I was diabetic. For the past two weeks when I wake my right heel hurts to walk. It goes away after I get up and move around. My levels were high but with increased insulin (lantus) my levels are around 120 most of the day.
    I know the problems we can have with our feet but I now wonder if this is a sign of a problem or maybe just the bone spurs acting up again.

  2. Tiger Lily

    i had plantar fascitis, and it caused heel pain such as this, i kept the foot raised and kept most weight off that foot for 2 months or longer before it cleared up......... i wouldn't wait that long again, i would be asking for the steroid injection
    my other has bone spurs in her heel along with plantar fascitis, and she needed to get properly fitted shoes and orthotic inserts for her shoes
    see your Dr and ask him what does he recommend
    good luck

  3. Jwp

    I had been DX with severe planter fascitis for a long long time before DX with "D". Turns out that as soon as my sugar levels were under control the heel pain went away.... I attribute mine to too high sugar levels.

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