Is Dates Are Good For Diabetes?

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Here Are the helathy benefits of Dates.. These are scientific proved.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Dates?

A certified nutritionist who majored in health, fitness and nutrition, Traci Vandermark has been writing articles in her specialty fields since 1998. Her articles have appeared both online and in print for publications such as Simple Abundance, "Catskill Country Magazine," "Birds and Blooms," "Cappers" and "Country Discoveries." Dried dates in a bowl, selectively focused. Dates are the fruit of the date palm tree and are grown primarily in dry, arid regions, such as the Middle East and parts of California. Though dates are often used as an ingredient in sweets and other recipes, they offer several nutritional benefits when eaten fresh and pitted. One of the main reasons people avoid eating dates is the belief that they will raise their blood sugar levels, but studies have shown that belief to be erroneous. The May 28, 2011, issue of "Nutrition Journal" reports a study in which date consumption was tested on diabetics. The study shows that while dates contain high amounts of natural sugars, they are actually a low-glycemic index food and did not significantly raise blood sugar levels after they were eaten. If you are diabetic, speak to your doctor before adding dates to your diet s Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Hopefulintexas

    Fasting before A1c/ full work up

    Is it better to fast or not to fast? Does that change your levels in your tests? A1c, LDL, HDL and so on?

  2. Sweetpoison

    I just found out recently that one does not have to fast for an A1C. I always did because of other tests that were ordered as well and they required fasting.
    But wait until someone else confirms this

  3. Seagal

    It has been said fasting is not necessary with the A1c. I always fast as SP mentioned, because of other tests taken at the same time.
    Having said that, I would still fast if the A1c was the only test done

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GI LOAD : http://adrenalfatiguesolution.com/fru... Is fruit good or bad for you? In trying to lose weight, THE BIGGEST mistake that people make in terms of diet, is that they have too much fruit, way too often! Lemme break it down for you today. Now I know some of the viewers will be really shocked by this video. Because fruits are really good for you right? Thats the mentality weve grown up with as Indians. Our parents shout at us if we eat chocolates, but fruit, no thats okay. Fruit being a diet food is an idea that is hardwired in most of our brains. Its very hard to accept a new idea when youve been told the opposite your entire life. Also fruits taste delicious. So if some dude on the internet is telling you that fruits arent entirely healthy, you wont feel like accepting that. But stay with me, Ill explain the science of it. Now lets get one thing straight. I personally love fruits. And they are a part of my diet because unlike processed sugar, they arent entirely unhealthy. You get 2 very important things from fruit lots of fibre and lots of micronutrients. I can afford to eat more fruit than the regular person, because my goal is not weight loss and because I work out so much, I have a higher calorie cap. But are fruits good for weight loss? Arne't fruit smoothies good for you ? fruit juice for weight loss ? If your goal is purely weight loss, fruit is bad for you. BUT why? Dont they have healthy sugars?! is fruit sugar not healthy for you? What do people mean exactly by healthy sugars? When you breakdown the sugar inside a fruit, you are left with the same constituent molecule that makes up sugar. When broken down to the core, there is close to no difference between a grain of sugar, honey, jaggery or fruit. BUT nutritionally fruits are packed with vitamins and other micronutrients. Thats the only way fruits are healthier than sugar. It has nothing to do with the type of sugar inside fruits. BUT in saying that ,every human being needs to know this. There is close to nothing you get from fruits that you dont get from veggies. So effectively there isnt any reason fruits should be in your diet if your goal is weight loss. Whatever youre losing out on by not eating fruits, you can make up by having a diet full of different kinds of veggies. If your goal is weight loss, sugar is your biggest enemy, I speak about this in so many of my videos. In my weight loss challenge video, the whole point of the challenge is to cut off sugar from your diet entirely. This includes fruit because just like when you have a cake, when you have fruits, you get an insulin spike in your bloodstream. And too many insulin spikes promote deposition of fat in your body. Watch my video on carbohydrate education to understand this whole science better. Im not going to go into the deep science of it, but this is what you basically need to know if your goal is weight loss. As far as possible, you wanna avoid insulin or sugar spikes in your blood stream. Insulin spikes happen when you have sugary foods. When you eat soemthing sugary, your body gains so much energy from that food, that it cant even utilise that energy. So it ends up being stored as fat. The only time your body is capable of utilising all that energy from sugary foods, is after a workout. So if you HAVE to have fruts, have then immediately after exercsing, as a form of carbohydrate. You need to account for carbs and calories from the fruit as well. Keep in mind, even at this time, you shouldnt be having a large amount of fruit. Too much sugar is always bad in terms of fat loss. So the way to go is to have a small portion of fruits after the workout ONLY. And as far as possible, change it up a bit. Have a new fruit every day. The only good thing that comes out of having fruits is the micronutrients. Different fruits give you different micronutrients. Your goal is to get them all. Keep in mind, at any other time of the day, fruits are gonna make you fat. Everything you get from fruits, you can get from vegetables. BUT Im not one of those extreme people. I believe in a balance of lifestyles. So dont entirely ditch fruits from your diet. Have extremely small portions, once in a while. Moderation is the way to go. BeerBiceps - YouTube's first India specific fitness and food channel Fitness, food and fitness-food. Like, comment, subscribe and share on facebook! Facebook: www.facebook.com/beerbiceps Instagram: @beerbiceps Twitter: @beerbiceps93 Zomato: @beerbiceps Snapchat: @ranveer.1693 Ask.fm: @beerbiceps

Is Date Fruit Good Or Bad For The Heart?

Dates contain several nutrients that support your heart, and they're fat-free so they wont add to your cholesterol. Per serving, youll get about the same amount of natural sugars as an apple; but like many fruits they're on the low glycemic index, which means they won't cause a spike in blood sugar. Those benefits, plus their fiber and B vitamins, make dates a heart-healthy choice. Many different varieties of dates exist, but the largest crop produced in California is the Deglet Noor, which is a smaller fruit than another favorite type, the Medjool. A 1-ounce serving of the Deglet Noor variety is about four pieces of pitted fruit, while the same portion equals just one piece of the larger variety. Both types have similar nutritional profiles. One ounce has 80 calories, 0.5 to 0.7 grams of protein and just a trace of fat. One ounce of dates has 21 grams of total carbohydrates, of which 18 grams are sugar. Even though theyre high in sugar, the glycemic index scores for different types of dates indicate that they have a low impact on blood sugar. Any score that falls below 55 is considered low, and dates have a glycemic index rating of 42 to 47. Keeping your blood sugar balanced help Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Benji

    Swollen hands

    Hi, does anyone know if type 2 diabetes can cause swollen hands. I have done nothing different than normal but my hands have been swollen for a couple of days.

  2. furball64801

    Have you changed meds, what is your blood sugar running right now.

  3. phoenix50

    I cannot imagine what causes swollen hands except perhaps water retention (oedema) or allergy or arthritis of some kind. I notice you had a heart bypass so could this have a bearing? I advise you to go see your doctor and get fully checked out. If you have suddenly gained 2 or more pounds in weight it could be to do with your heart - but that is purely a guess and you need proper medical advice.
    It could be nothing more than an allergy of course.

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http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... Glycemic Index Table-Glycemic Index Food List-Glycemic Index Weight Loss-G.I. Index the glycemic index table is divided in 5 tables. the rule of use is simple. No limit for foods announced by the green color. Moderation for the orange color and to remove completely or exceptionally use these foods announced by the red color. Vegetables and leguminous plants with a glycemic index of 15 Fruits with a glycemic index from 22 till 103 Dairy proctucts or asimilated with a glycemic index from 15 till 115 Seeds and cereals with glycemic index from15 till 103 various Sugar with glycemic index from 20 till 73 http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... searched keywords: glycemic index table glycemic index table pdf glycemic index table label glycemic index tabel montignac glycemic index table sugar glycemic index table tables glycemic index table food glycemic index table for fruits glycemic index table montignac glycemic index table bread glycemic index table labouleh glycemic index food list glycemic index table printable glycemic index food list glycemic index food list for diabetes glycemic index food list chart glycemic index food list pdf glycemic index food list chart for diabetes glycemic index food list fruit glycemic index food list pdf download glycemic index food list printable glycemic index food list mayo clinic glycemic index food list app glycemic index diet food list printable glycemic index food list low glycemic index food list chart glycemic index food list low to high low glycemic index food list pdf http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... glycemic index weight loss glycemic index weight loss diet glycemic index weight loss plan glycemic index weight loss programs glycemic index weight loss foods glycemic index weight loss recipes glycemic index weight loss myth glycemic index weight loss results glycemic index weight loss pills glycemic index weight loss study glycemic index weight loss research glycemic index weight loss list glycemic index chart glycemic index diet plan glycemic index calculator glycemic index diet glycemic index recipes low glycemic foods http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... G.I. Index G.I. Index food list G.I. Index chart G.I. Index of foods G.I. Index diet G.I. Index fruit G.I. Index table G.I. Index uk G.I. Index fruit chart G.I. Index food list australia G.I. Index food chart glycemic load food list high glycemic index foods fruits high on glycemic index gi index food list complete glycemic index chart potato glycemic index http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... Synonyms: Glycemic Index Chart, Glycemic Index, Glycemic Chart, Glycemic,glycemic, index, Chart, chart, diet, nutrition, weight, loss, lose, diabetes, radhia, psychetruth, help, food, high, low, Truth, Carbohydrates, sugar, carbs, starch, nutrition, weight, loss, gain, glycemic, psychetruth, obesity, food, junk http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... glycemic, index, chart, diet, nutrition, weight, loss, lose, diabetes, radhia, psychetruth, help, food, foods, high, low, chart, load, list, what are low glycemic foods, low glycemic foods, low glycemic diets, glycemic diet, glycemic food index, low glycemic food, glycemic index food list http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... what is the glycemic index, glycemic index and weight loss, glycemic load, glycemic index diet, glycemic index diet plan, glycemic index and weight loss, glycemic load, glycemic index diet, glycemic index diet plan, weight loss, weight, loss, sugar, addiction, glycemic, index, GI, nutrition, diet, energy, health, cravings, food, fruit, control, appetite, hunge, low glycemic index, glycemic index chart, low glycemic index foods, glycemic index list, glycemic index of foods, glycemic index foods, glycemic index, glycemic load, low glycemic index, high glycemic index, high glycemic carbs, low gi foods, blood sugar levels, foods with low glycemic index, diet glycemic index, free glycemic index diet, glycemic load, glycemic index glycemic load, glycemic index of foods, diets, healthy, eating, nutritionists, weight, plans, nutritional, deficiencies http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... Glycemic Index Table- Glycemic Index Food List-Glycemic Index Weight Loss-G.I. Index http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.nl/2008... http://youtu.be/yP9OxQM1wls The Next Video Is Talking About: Characteristics Of A Good Diet To Lose Weight Fast: Michel Montignac Method Diet Plan URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Osvso... URL: http://youtu.be/Osvsoq3muxE

Dates For Diabetes - Benefits And Glycemic Index

Healthy Diet Plans >> Diabetic Diet >> Dates Dates come from the date palm. This palm and its fleshy edible sweet fruit have been popularized by the Persian Gulf. This fruit is known for staying through the harsh winter and severe climates of the deserts. Not only is it a very hardy fruit, it is also a fruit that is rich in nutrients and makes a great addition to your daily snacks. Dates contain a lot of sugar which sometimes makes it an unfavorable item for diabetics. Dates also contain vitamin A, thiamine, and complex of vitamin B, folate, vitamin C, and vitamin E, vitamin K, along with minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. Dates can provide fiber and are fat and cholesterol free. These fruits, fresh or dried, are the perfect energy snack. It contains fructose, sucrose and glucose which is what makes it naturally sweet. In the countries where dates are popular, they are often used to break fasts. The potassium in the dates gives it heart-strengthening capability. The magnesium in it makes the bones stronger and helps metabolism. It also has mild laxative properties so consuming the fruit can also help constipation and sluggish Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Oildog

    On occasion if I eat something, about 20 minutes later I will throw up. Its not that I feel sick either, I just start salivating excessively. It seems to happen less if I'm eating proteins. Too many carbs may be one cause. More often this happens if I've skipped a meal. Anyone else experience this or have suggestions?

  2. ElkHunter

    Yes, it happens to me all the time. The doctor said it was common with diabetics and not necessarily caused by meds. She prescribed Ondansetron 8mg to me. I take one when I feel it coming on and it works quick so I don't get sick. Just one tablet, every now and then. I think I've used about 4 in the last 3-4 weeks.
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  3. Oildog

    Thanks Elk. I'll talk to the doc at my next appointment. Its weird just sitting there and then I start salivating like a dog at a bacon store.

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    A certified nutritionist who majored in health, fitness and nutrition, Traci Vandermark has been writing articles in her specialty fields since 1998. Her articles have appeared both online and in print for publications such as Simple Abundance, "Catskill Country Magazine," "Birds and Blooms," "Cappers" and "Country Discoveries." Dried dates in a bowl, selectively focused. Dates are the fruit of the date palm tree and are grown primarily in dry, ...

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