Is Cholesterol Related To Blood Sugar?

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Controlling Blood Sugar In Diabetes: How Low Should You Go?

Diabetes is an ancient disease, but the first effective drug therapy was not available until 1922, when insulin revolutionized the management of the disorder. Insulin is administered by injection, but treatment took another great leap forward in 1956, when the first oral diabetic drug was introduced. Since then, dozens of new medications have been developed, but scientists are still learning how best to use them. And new studies are prompting doctors to re-examine a fundamental therapeutic question: what level of blood sugar is best? Normal metabolism To understand diabetes, you should first understand how your body handles glucose, the sugar that fuels your metabolism. After you eat, your digestive tract breaks down carbohydrates into simple sugars that are small enough to be absorbed into your bloodstream. Glucose is far and away the most important of these sugars, and it's an indispensable source of energy for your body's cells. But to provide that energy, it must travel from your blood into your cells. Insulin is the hormone that unlocks the door to your cells. When your blood glucose levels rise after a meal, the beta cells of your pancreas spring into action, pouring insulin Continue reading >>

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    Hi ladies! today i had the glucose tolerance test, which was for an hour and after five minutes of drinking that really sweet drink i felt so light headed and had to lie down! i got home after and had to throw up coz i felt soo sick! Ive been in bed all day now! Has anyone had the same experience? Thanks


    hi mywinterdaisy, lol your experience sounds a lot more fun! i wonder if the different reactions mean anything?! im short so i wonder if the amount i had to drink was too much for my size lol

  3. cheddarcheese

    Made me feel pretty yuck, but I didn't get physically sick from it. It took them 3 attempts to get the blood out though!
    Put me off my food for a little while.
    Hope you feel better soon.

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