Insulin Prior To Pet Scan

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Pet/ct Scan

Member Type 1 since 1977, pumping since 1998 Have any Type I's out there ever had a Pet/CT (Cat) Scan? I was scheduled to have one later this week, but they called me today to say that I can't have my pump on for 4 hours before the procedure, and that I should expect to be there for 3 hours. I canceled the procedure for the time being, but if I do end up having to have it, does anyone else have this experience? I suppose I could call my Dr. and ask for a long-acting insulin, but I haven't used one in 13 years - and the last one I used was NPH. Had an MRI last week, and had to take off my pump during the procedure, but it only lasted 20 minutes. I didn't mind being disconnected for 20 minutes - but 7 hours is a problem. I just had a CAT scan last week. It only took about 15 minutes and I left my pump on and my continous glucose monitoring system(CGMS). All they asked me was if I took any TYPE 2 oral meds. Some have NO idea the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetics anyway. Member Type 1 for 51 years - pumping for 11 years It's been a while but I have had CT scan and did not have to have my pump off for that length of time. I might have had to remove it just before the scan Continue reading >>

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  1. Dr. D. Love

    There is no generic versions of Lantus or Novolog, however, there are a couple of alternatives to consider. It is usually cheaper to buy the Lantus and Novolog in a vial with separate syringes. There are cheaper forms of insulin available, such as human insulin (both short and long acting), but there are advantages to using the newer forms of insulin, which is why the newer forms are increasingly used. Usually, the doctor will prefer that you stay in Lantus and Novolog, but would have no problem with changing to the vials and syringes.

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