How To Get Rid Of Diabetes In 30 Days

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How To Recognize Diabetes Scams

Author's Perspective: There are hundreds of scams, but, there are two scams on the Internet that seem to be the most prolific and profitable -- health/diabetes-related scams and financial/business-related scams. Why? Because health problems and financial problems are the two major problems that most of us will face at some point in our lives. This makes us susceptible to slick marketing schemes that convince us to spend our money, hoping for the best. Unfortunately, in most cases, we end up losing our money. What's that old saying? "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." FYI: Because of these scams, I realized that people would find it difficult to believe that I had a blood glucose level of 1337 and weaned myself off insulin. So I obtained a printed copy of my personal medical file from my primary care physician and made about 100 copies to handout at health fairs and other community events. Later, I had the document scanned in order to create a medical PDF file for my website. That helped a little, but, it wasn't until my story ended up in the newspaper that a lot more people believed my story. Later on, I started to get phone calls and emails asking if my program wou Continue reading >>

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  1. Sheekat

    Jaybee52, I agree with much of what you are saying. First the study was done on 11 people I don't find how many stayed or dropped out. And newly dx T2 can often be controlled by diet and exercise. Second I never was into white or refined sugars etc, and an allergy to wheat so never ate breads, so in this I also agree with you. I got diabetes through complications of a disability and becoming bedridden for a few years. As I still can not exercise I am taking metformin to help keep my levels under control. Third to say cured is misleading another point we agree on. Managed. There are so many of these books out there and if these people give up on monitoring their levels it is a danger zone they shouldn't be led into. managing through diet and keeping up with monitoring their glucose levels should be done. My levels or diabetes even before the meds were in what is the 'good' range from what I am told. Readings were under 8.8 (160) and now with meds are in the excellent range of under 6.5 (117). I have done this in 6 months. I had to learn to actually eat breakfast and lunch. That was my biggest learning curve. More studies need to be done, But 600 calories a day is dangerous if this is the diet they followed and should only be done under a doctors close watch. I have to read up more on this but to me as I agree with you this plan is flawed and needs much more research before I implement it.

  2. shcolton85

    I completely agree with you. There should be a continuous study and research before implementation.

  3. Exercise Junky

    I recently read "The 30 Day Diabetes Cure" by Dr. Ripich and I think it is excellent. It gave a lot of good tips on just plain healthy living as well as the diabetes cure. It really works!

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