How Much Does It Cost To Get A Diabetic Alert Dog?

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Diabetic Alert Dogs: Expensive Pet Or Service Dog?

Three North Texas families say they feel betrayed by a nonprofit that was supposed to provide them with life-saving, specialized service dogs, trained to help manage Type 1 diabetes. These dogs, called diabetic alert dogs, can cost about $20,000. But these families said their dogs don’t do their jobs and are no more than expensive house pets. A diabetic alert dog is specially trained through scent detection to alert a diabetic to blood sugar lows and highs, and that can be especially important to some diabetics like Krista Middleton and Brian Worthy. Both say when their blood sugar drops dangerously low, they often don’t know they’re dipping into that danger zone. "And then I'm passing out. I'm going into comas. My kids are finding me in seizures," said Middleton. "It gets to the point where, as a mom, I wanted to make sure my kids weren't the ones to find me convulsing." The dog, in theory, alerts to problems before the situation spirals out of control so the diabetic person can seek help or treatment. That's why Middleton and Worthy both decided to get one. Mindy Guidry made same decision for her daughter. And they all thought these dogs would be life changing. "It was," Gu Continue reading >>

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  1. Tracey167


    Hi all
    Just wondering if anyone had any knowledge of a hypo alert dog, my hubby has been looking on the diabetes uk website and checking out the website for the alert dogs as he said that this maybe a good thing to do as i have lost all awareness of my hypos and they are very erratic. My hubby had to become my full-time carer a few years ago and thought if these dogs are good at detecting when sugar levels are dropping my hubby maybe able to return to work. Was just wondering if anyone has one or knows of someone who has. I have tried everything to try get some awareness back but its no use i get so frustrated as i can't really go nowhere on my own, maybe to the shops round the corner but thats only because my hubby would know where i am and i can't be no longer than an hour My hubby has been great he can tell just by looking in my eyes that i'm going low and now my 11 year old daughter can spot it as well but the annoying thing is i feel normal but when i test i can drop as low as 1.9 feeling normal .
    Any advise would be appriciated.

  2. donnellysdogs

    Hi Tracey
    Ref hypo dogs...
    I too have looked at these, but from an angle of getting dogs trained myself for other diabetics, but there is a special scheme in which you and your dogs qualify to be care dogs..
    I adore dogs and also have hypos and would also love to help out others if it was feasible.. I too would love to know more about dogs that are officially declared as hypo dogs.
    One of my old girlies was hypo aware at night and would wale me up by trying to get into bed under the covers when I was hypo, but I never thought then to get her 'statemented' as a care dog.
    I so wish hospitals recognised that it costs more for your hubby to look after you as a carer than to give you a cgm to use...has anybody ever suggested you use a cgm?

  3. noblehead

    Try giving Diabetes UK a ring who should put you in touch with the charities that train these fantastic dogs.

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