How Many People Are Killed By Diabetes Each Year?

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'24,000 Unnecessary Deaths From Diabetes Every Year'

INDYPULSE '24,000 unnecessary deaths from diabetes every year' Up to 24,000 people with diabetes are dying unnecessarily every year, according to a new report. Most deaths could be avoided if they received better NHS care and if their condition was better managed, it said. The report into death rates, from the National Diabetes Audit for England, found that women with diabetes are nine times more likely to die young than those without the condition. Among women aged 15 to 34 with diabetes, death rates are up to nine times higher than the average for this age group. And the report also found that two young people of both sexes aged 15 to 34 may be suffering an avoidable death every week. An estimated 70,000 to 75,000 people with diabetes die in England every year - accounting for about 15% of all deaths. Most deaths are related to the actual condition - diabetes can cause serious heart and kidney problems, as well as amputation of limbs and loss of eyesight. Today's report said people are dying too early due to poor management of their condition. This includes not receiving basic diabetic health checks on the NHS, having unhealthy lifestyles and not taking medication properly or und Continue reading >>

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  1. Denise56

    I have a horrible rash from the sun Is this caused from Metformin?

    I went to Florida for 4 days and used sunscreen but when I got back home I was covered on my arms and chest with red bumps. I then went to all outdoor event yesterday, and I guess I made it worse. Is this caused partially due to metformin?

  2. Trudie Ann

    I had the problem but my doctor said it wasn't due to my metformin or any of my meds. he suggested I go to a dermatologist. She told me it was probably caused by my laundry soap. I told he it was what I had always used. She said try a scent free detergent, and gave me some prescriptions for the rash. The prescriptions helped some, but when I changed to a Free and Clear detergent the rash went completely away. If you try it let me know if it helps you too. Also you might check with a dermatologist first, like I said the prescriptions help ease the suffering from the rash. The change in detergent made it completely go away.

  3. Glucerna

    I'm sorry to hear about the rash. Metformin can cause increased sun sensitivity, but this sounds like something you really want to discuss with your doctor since it's getting worse. ~Lynn @Glucerna

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