How Long Does Honeymoon Phase Last In Diabetes?

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Can The Type 1 Diabetes Honeymoon Period Be Extended… Forever?

(type 1 diabetes) is a condition where a lack of insulin production by the pancreas leads to hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), which can yield serious complications, especially in the long term. All patients with type 1 diabetes (formerly known as juvenile-onset diabetes) must currently take insulin for the rest of their lives once diagnosed, because the cells of the pancreas can no longer perform this production duty. However, for many patients, there is a period of time after diagnosis and the start of treatment, where the disease is not apparent based on symptoms or blood sugar levels. Below we discuss this period, known as the “honeymoon period”, and how it affects those diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. What is the “honeymoon period” of type 1 diabetes? When does it occur? The “honeymoon phase” or honeymoon period is a period of time – generally soon after being diagnosed and starting insulin therapy – when the blood sugar levels are not yet elevated, and may even dip below normal (hypoglycemia). This is caused by the fact that in addition to the newly prescribed insulin regimen, a small percentage of pancreatic beta cells continue to produce their own insulin fo Continue reading >>

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  1. such_vincent_wow


    Type 1 diabetics, how long did your honeymoon period last? (self.diabetes)
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  2. acciofog

    About 3 or 4 years.

  3. enokidokie

    I don't think I had one. I had symptoms about 9 months before I was officially diagnosed, but then moved immediately to a very similar insulin dose to the one that I use 8 years later.

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