How Long Does A Blood Glucose Meter Last?

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Blood Glucose Monitors: What Factors Affect Accuracy?

Sometimes my blood glucose monitor seems to give incorrect readings. What can I do to make sure the measurement is accurate? Answers from M. Regina Castro, M.D. When used correctly, blood glucose monitors — small devices that measure and display your blood sugar level — are usually accurate. But occasionally they may be incorrect. Consider these factors that affect meter accuracy and the steps to resolve or prevent the problem: Factors that affect accuracy Solutions Test strip problems Throw out damaged or outdated test strips. Store strips in their sealed container; keep them away from heat, moisture and humidity. Be sure the strips are meant for your specific glucose meter. Extreme temperatures Keep your glucose meter and test strips at room temperature. Alcohol, dirt or other substances on your skin Wash and dry your hands and the testing site thoroughly before pricking your skin. Improper coding Some meters must be coded to each container of test strips. Be sure the code number in the device matches the code number on the test strip container. Monitor problems Fully insert the test strip into the monitor. Replace the monitor batteries as needed. Not enough blood applied to Continue reading >>

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  1. Spikeirule

    My blood glucose meter is about four-five years old at this point. I calibrate it with test solution and it seems fine, but I worry it's getting too old. How often do you guys change your glucose meters?

  2. rockchick99

    When/if it breaks

  3. derphamster

    If you fancy a change, have a browse on meter manufacturers websites. If you see a meter you like, email them and ask if they can send you one to try. 9 times out of 10 they'll send you one for free.
    If your meter isn't broken and is ok with calibration solution, no need to change it unless you are bored with it.

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