How Fast Can Type-2 Diabetes Develop

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Can You Have Low Blood Sugar With Type 2 Diabetes?

back to Overview Know-how Type 2 A tag-team approach on low blood sugar with type 2 diabetes. Markus recently wrote an article on our German language blog talking about low blood sugar with type 2 diabetes. The question (“can I have low blood sugar with type 2 diabetes?”) is very common, and it’s easy to see why it’s of concern. So I’ve helped Markus bring his German post to life here in English. I hope it helps! Here’s Markus: Low blood sugar In 2014, results from the DAWN2 study were announced. It was the largest study of its kind (15,000 participants) on the “fears & needs of people with diabetes and their families.” One result stood out: The gravest fears are related to low blood sugars, especially at night. Up to 69% of the participants share this fear! So! Can you have low blood sugar with type 2 diabetes? Yes! Of course! But let’s think about who exactly is at risk – and why. It’s common to think: Type 1 diabetes = at risk for lows Type 2 diabetes = not at risk for lows But that isn’t correct at all, so we should wipe it from our mind. So… what do I need to know? Maybe it’s more accurate to say that people with type 2 diabetes who take certain typ Continue reading >>

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  1. cocacolamaster77

    I've been trying to find a firm answer as to how long does a person stay in prediabetes range?

  2. powerwalker2

    Hi, I'd say it varies, due to so many different variables, with the most important being what u are doing about it -- testing, exercising, controlling carbs -- and staying in normal range daily?

  3. tiktok2

    There is no firm answer.
    I found out I was "in the prediabetic range" when I was about 38, but I could have been for a few years before.
    I definitely wasn't when I was 30 as determined by blood work:
    my FBG was excellent and my lipids were excellent and my BP was excellent at age 30,
    but at age 38, by then, it was all turning "borderline high" and watched those numbers slowly climb
    until intervention by meds: first statins (in my 40s) followed by metformin ER and a diabetes diagnosis at age 50, followed by BP meds in my early 50s.
    So for me it was 12 or more years in the "prediabetes" category.
    And after 3 years of metformin ER, diet, and exercise working for me, I'm 99% sure I'm gonna need something else soon...my FBG is now consistantly ~15 points higher than it was before Christmas.
    My mother is 20 years older than I am and still holding in the prediabetes category through diet and excercise and no meds.
    So, we're all different.
    But a lower carb diet and exercise and starting medications earlier can keep the diabetes from progressing as quickly, at least for some.
    I haven't noticed weight to make too much of a difference. I've gone up and down, but the diabetes marches on....contrary to popular belief.

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