How Does Lantus Work Overnight

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Lantus Problems And Going Round In Circles

And on and on and on... When we began writing about our experiences of living with Diabetes it was, at least in part, in response to a nasty overnight hypo brought on (I suspect) by the action of Lantus glargine. From some reading I have done since it appears I am not alone in this. That there are other people with diabetes using Lantus and injecting their dose at night time (recommended by the manufacturer and for most people the best option) who find they sometimes go low overnight, or wake up low in the morning. One of the difficulties in managing diabetes with MDI (multiple daily injection) basal-bolus is that if you don't get your basal (background) dose correct then everything else becomes incredibly difficult to manage. You have no firm footing on which to start your day. I think the late-at-night injection timing is suggested because it puts Lantus's onset period (perhaps an hour two until full strength) at a time when you have finished eating for the day and are usually if not actually asleep, then pretty much at rest. When I moved my injection to the morning, though my overnight levels were suddenly very steady and reliable, I had problems with high blood glucose spikes a Continue reading >>

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  1. stilllearning

    Lantus insulin question

    I take 10 units Lantus at bedtime. Was told it is long-acting. What do I do if sugar is 94-124 before taking it? Didn't take it when bs was at 124 and still went down to 66 during nite. Nurse told me I am better off to eat something to make sugar higher b4 taking insulin since it is going to help regulate numbers throughout next day. OK I get that. But last night bs was 94. not hungry at all so didn't take it. BS was 145 anyway when I woke up. What should I do in that case? Force myself to eat? And what would be the best thing to eat?

  2. gorian

    even an apple…sounds like your sufferin the dawn effect,,,quite common…

  3. gorian

    i would eat some slow digesting carbs and try again…like maybe asparagus…

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