How Does Glucose Damage Blood Vessels

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How Does Diabetes Affect Blood Vessels?

What do your Blood Vessels do? Blood vessels are like a network of pipelines in your body. This network helps transport blood to all body parts, which in turn delivers oxygen and other nutrients like glucose to the body’s cells. Your body has three main types of vessels: arteries, veins, and capillaries. The structure of vessels is layered like the rings of an onion. The innermost ring is called the endothelium, and it helps promote a steady blood flow through your blood vessels. Does Diabetes Damages Blood Vessels? Diabetes damages the body’s blood vessels in several different ways. For instance: It damages the endothelium A healthy endothelium is necessary for blood to flow freely in your blood vessels. High blood sugar in diabetes damages the endothelium. This impairs the steady flow of blood inside blood vessels. Diabetes decreases the release of Nitric Oxide from blood vessels Your blood vessels release a chemical called Nitric Oxide (NO). NO is important as it helps your vessels relax. Without it, the vessels become narrow and the flow of blood in them decreases as well. It accelerates the process of atherosclerosis Cholesterol and fats are two important substances in you Continue reading >>

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    Why does high blood glucose damage our bodies? (self.diabetes)
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  2. Duganz

    Over time it increases the size of blood cells leading to higher clotting, blood pressure, etc. This damages the small vessels first, like our toes or eyes. The blood flow slows and nerve damage begins.
    Also, ketoacidosis.

  3. WaldoWal

    If this is the case, seems like a good old fashion "bleeding" would be good for us, no?

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